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SOLR-8561: Add fallback to ZkController.getLeaderProps for a mixed 5.4-pre-5.4 deployments
SOLR-8418: Adapt to changes in LUCENE-6590 for use of boosts with MLTHandler and Simple/CloudMLTQParser
SOLR-8496: multi-select faceting and getDocSet(List<Query>) can match deleted docs
Add 5.4.0 backward indices.

Upgrade current version to 5.4.1.

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SOLR-8058, SOLR-8059: Fix CHANGES entries.

SOLR-8460, SOLR-8373, SOLR-8422, SOLR-7462, SOLR-8470: Add CHANGES entries for 5.4.1.

SOLR-8470: Make TTL of PKIAuthenticationPlugin's tokens configurable through a system property (pkiauth.ttl)

SOLR-7462: AIOOBE in RecordingJSONParser

SOLR-8422: When authentication enabled, requests fail if sent to a node that doesn't host the collection.

SOLR-8269: Add 5.3.2 changes entry.

SOLR-8326: Add change log entry to 5.3.2 section.

SOLR-8340: Add change log entry to 5.3.2 section.

SOLR-8355: Add change log entry to 5.3.2 section.

SOLR-8167: Add change log entry to 5.3.2 section

SOLR-8059: debug=results&distrib.singlePass=true can NPE

SOLR-8373: KerberosPlugin: Using multiple nodes on same machine leads clients to fetch TGT for every request

SOLR-8460: /analysis/field could throw exceptions for custom attributes.

LUCENE-2229: Add missing CHANGES entry.

LUCENE-2229: Fix SimpleSpanFragmenter bug with adjacent stop-words

LUCENE-6970: Fixed off-by-one error in Lucene54DocValuesProducer.

LUCENE-6948: Fix ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in PagedBytes$Reader.fill by removing an unnecessary long-to-int cast. Also, unrelated, 2 ArrayList<>(initialCapacity) tweaks in getChildResources methods.

LUCENE-6950: Fix FieldInfos handling of UninvertingReader

LUCENE-6910: fix 'if ... > Integer.MAX_VALUE' check in (Binary|Numeric)DocValuesFieldUpdates.merge ( CID 119973 and CID 120081)

LUCENE-6929: Fix SpanNotQuery to not ignore the pre/post parameters when rewriting.

LUCENE-6918: LRUQueryCache.onDocIdSetEviction is only called when at least one DocIdSet is being evicted.

SOLR-7865: BlendedInfixSuggester was returning more results than requested
LUCENE-6946: SortField.equals now takes the missing value into account.

LUCENE-6955: The release smoke tester inappropriately requires back compat index testing for versions not less than the one being smoke tested (merged trunk r1723956)
SOLR-7730: mention in 5.4.0's Optimizations