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Merge back several "low hanging" bug fixes into the 4.8 branch...

SOLR-6029: r1590867

SOLR-6030: r1591555

SOLR-6037: r1591800

SOLR-6023: r1592195

SOLR-5090: r1592591

SOLR-6039: r1592605

SOLR-5993: r1588415

SOLR-5904: r1587702

  1. … 106 more files in changeset.
SOLR-6000: fix javadoc typo (merge r1588964 and r1588967)
  1. … 91 more files in changeset.
SOLR-5897: JQuery file listed as version 1.7.2 but actually contains 1.4.3 code (merge r1588898, r1588913, r1588914)
  1. … 91 more files in changeset.