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Merged revision(s) 1592080 from lucene/dev/branches/branch_4x:

LUCENE-5639: Fix token class to correctly implement PoistionLengthAttribute

Merged revision(s) 1588379 from lucene/dev/branches/branch_4x:

Merged revision(s) 1588378 from lucene/dev/trunk:

Update to bugfix release of forbidden-apis to work around annotations bug (may affect lucene in the future)

Fix typo in CHANGES.txt
Merged revision(s) 1588083 from lucene/dev/branches/branch_4x:

Merged revision(s) 1588082 from lucene/dev/trunk:

LUCENE-5540: Update forbidden-apis to 1.5

4.7-dev not 4.7.1
SOLR-5978: Warning for SOLR-5522 (file/edit) should be removed from example solrconfig.xml
LUCENE-5570: don't let Directory.fsync create new 0-byte files
LUCENE-5574: disable this test on Windows
LUCENE-5574: when closing an NRT reader, do not delete files if the original writer has since been closed
SOLR-5950: Maven config: make the org.slf4j:slf4j-api dependency transitive (i.e., not optional) in all modules in which it's a dependency, including solrj, except for the WAR, where it will remain optional. (merged branch_4x r1584474)
Synchronize ivy-settings.xml across branches
SOLR-5920: Maven config: restrict conversion of module names containing 'analysis-' to 'analyzers-' to those not preceded by 'solr-' (merged trunk r1584260)
Merged revision(s) 1584214 from lucene/dev/branches/branch_4x:

Merged revision(s) 1584213 from lucene/dev/trunk:

SOLR-5951: Fixed SolrDispatchFilter to throw useful exception on startup if SLF4j logging jars are missing

SOLR-5794: merge r1572775 to 4.7 branch to prevent random multipler explosion
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SOLR-5920: IntelliJ config: fix solr-core-tests dependency module name analysis-icu -> icu (merged trunk r1583159)
SOLR-5920: Fix forbidden-api-check failure
SOLR-5920: Distributed sort on DateField, BoolField and BCD{Int,Long,Str}Field returns string cast exception (merged branch_4x r1582933)
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LUCENE-5553: IndexReader#ReaderClosedListener is not always called on IndexReader#close()
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SOLR-5906: Collection create API ignores property.instanceDir parameter
SOLR-5905: CollapsingQParserPlugin throws a NPE if required 'field' param is missing
Moved '--help' away from the beginning of the line - otherwise, changes-to-html thinks it's a sub-bulleted item. (merged branch_4x r1581232)
SOLR-5874: Unsafe cast in CloudSolrServer's RouteException. Change RouteException to handle Throwable rather than Exception.

SOLR-5899: CloudSolrServer's RouteResponse and RouteException should be publicly accessible.

(merged branch_4x r1580553)

SOLR-5839: ZookeeperInfoServlet does not trim path properly. (merged branch_4x r1575593)
SOLR-5834: Overseer threads are only being interrupted and not closed. (merged branch_4x r1575477)
SOLR-5796: Increase how long we are willing to wait for a core to see the ZK advertised leader in it's local state.

SOLR-5796: Make how long we are willing to wait for a core to see the ZK advertised leader in it's local state configurable.

SOLR-5796: Fix illegal API call to format. (merged branch_4x revisions r1574641 and r1574682)

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SOLR-5811: Additional cleanup and improve logged message. (merged branch_4x r1574581 and r1574763)
SOLR-5811: The Overseer will retry work items until success, which is a serious problem if you hit a bad work item. (merged branch_4x r1574281)
SOLR-5907: Fix messed up merge - conflicted twice and screwed up the second merge.
SOLR-5907: The hdfs write cache can cause a reader to see a corrupted state. It now defaults to off, and if you were using solr.hdfs.blockcache.write.enabled explicitly, you should set it to false.
SOLR-5761: HttpSolrServer has a few fields that can be set via setters but are not volatile. (merged branch_4x r1573443)