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SOLR-5658: commitWithin and overwrite are not being distributed to replicas now that SolrCloud uses javabin to distribute updates.
LUCENE-5377: IW.addIndexes(Dir[]) causes silent index corruption
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Suppress Lucene3x codec - this test needs payloads on vectors
SOLR-5608: Harden test.
Backport this to 4.6, so we can be sure that next release has correct version and bootclasspath for "nice" javadocs:

Merged revision(s) 1547347 from lucene/dev/branches/branch_4x:

LUCENE-5355: Add support for -Dbootjdk to point to a separate JAVA_HOME that is used to generate javadocs; validate the -Dbootclasspath to point to a valid rt.jar

SOLR-5577: Harden leaking Timer thread.
SOLR-5636: SolrRequestParsers does some xpath lookups on every request, which can cause concurrency issues.
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SOLR-5645: A SolrCore reload via the CoreContainer will try and register in zk again with the new SolrCore.
LUCENE-Flexible StandardQueryParser behaves differently than ClassicQueryParser (4.6 branch)
SOLR-4260: Bring back import still used on 4.6 branch.
SOLR-4260: If in blockUntilFinished and there are no Runners running and the queue is not empty, start a new Runner.
SOLR-4260: Guard against NPE.
remove this folder - should not have been committed
SOLR-4260: Add name to CHANGES
SOLR-4260: ConcurrentUpdateSolrServer#blockUntilFinished can return before all previously added updates have finished. This could cause distributed updates meant for replicas to be lost.
LUCENE-5401: Field.StringTokenStream#end() calls super.end() now.
LUCENE-5375: fix javadocs
LUCENE-5375: ToChildBlockJoinQuery works harder to detect mis-use, where the parent query incorrectly returns child docs
clean up CHANGES
SOLR-5540: HdfsLockFactory should explicitly create the lock parent directory if necessary.
SOLR-5615: Fix CHANGES mismerge
SOLR-5615: Add CHANGES entry to 4.6 branch
SOLR-5615: Deadlock while trying to recover after a ZK session expiration.
LUCENE-5394: Fix TokenSources.getTokenStream to return payloads if they were indexed with term vectors
SOLR-5577: timer thread should be run as daemon
SOLR-5577: don't start timer thread on expiration
SOLR-5577: don't start timer thread in constructor
SOLR-5577: fix possible race on canceling timer on close
SOLR-5577: Don't start a timer on disconnect if we are already closed
SOLR-5577: Likely ZooKeeper expiration should not slow down updates a given amount, but instead cut off updates after a given time.