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LUCENE-1866: better RAT reporting
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LUCENE-3930: nuke jars from source tree and use ivy
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Merged revision(s) 1298164 from lucene/dev/trunk:

SOLR-3204: The packaged pre-release artifact of Commons CSV used the original package name (org.apache.commons.csv). This created a compatibility issue as the Apache Commons team works toward an official release of Commons CSV. JARJAR ( was used to change the package name to org.apache.solr.internal.csv

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LUCENE-3753: Restructure the Lucene build system
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LUCENE-3337: avoid building jar files unless necessary in build
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SOLR-2452: Rewrote Solr build system (tighter integration with the Lucene build system) and restructured Solr internal and contrib modules
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