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SOLR-3307: fix regression with multi-threaded FileListEntityProcessor (introduced w/SOLR-3011)
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fix eol-style
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Fix for SOLR-3265 - TestSolrentityProcessorEndToEnd fails if you're running Solr (example). 3.x only. Thanks Luca!
SOLR-3011: Extensive bug fixes for "threads" parameter. Also added deprecation a warning when using "threads".
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Add license headers (SOLR-2382 new classes)
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SOLR-2382: Framework for Pluggable caches
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SOLR-3260: better messages when ScriptTransform fails on init (additional fix for Maven build failure)
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SOLR-3260: Expand the exception message testing assumptions that allows tests to be skipped when there is no scripting support
SOLR-3190: Minor improvements to SolrEntityProcessor.
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Merged revision(s) 1297048 from lucene/dev/trunk:

LUCENE-3850: Fix rawtypes warnings for Java 7 compiler

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SOLR-2933: backport test improvement only from Trunk
Test fix for DIH TestScriptTransformer: Lucene-Solr-Maven-3.x build#367 produced an exception with the message "<script> can be used only in java 6 or above Processing Document # 1", while the test was only ignoring those exceptions with the exact message "<script> can be used only in java 6 or above" - switched the test for this to require the expected message as a prefix rather than exact equality.
SOLR-2542: Fixed DIH Context variables which were broken for all scopes other then SCOPE_ENTITY (merge r1231367 from trunk)
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Fix for SOLR-2975, invalid assumptions in a test were giving errors at times.
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LUCENE-3645: Remove unnecessary array wrapping when calling varargs methods
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SOLR-1499: Added SolrEntityProcessor that imports data from another Solr core or instance based on a specified query.
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SOLR-2739: merge 1175975 from trunk - more assumptions to ensure file is not writable
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SOLR-2739: try to clean up TestSqlEntityProcessorDelta (merge r1164287 from trunk)
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SOLR-2668 -- DIH multithreaded mode does not rollback on errors from EntityProcessor
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SOLR-2659: Moved src/test-files/** under src/test-files/<module-name>/** for all Solr modules except core
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SOLR-2655 -- DIH multi threaded mode does not resolve attributes correctly
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SOLR-2452: Rewrote Solr build system (tighter integration with the Lucene build system) and restructured Solr internal and contrib modules
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