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LUCENE-3945: use sha1 checksums to verify jars pulled from ivy match expectations
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nuke obsolete comment
LUCENE-1866: exclude deprecated russian test file (detected as binary locally, but not on hudson)
LUCENE-1866: remove merge oops (double import)
LUCENE-1866: add exclusion for bocchan test file
LUCENE-1866: better RAT reporting
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LUCENE-3947: fix rat-sources task to work with tools/ directories
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fix URLs in docs to not rely on redirects (merge r1309022)
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tweak build instructions related to ivy bootstraping (merge r1309015)
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SOLR-3200 and SOLR-3226: fixing SignatureUpdateProcessorFactory to include non-String values, and to deal with the 'all fields' case correctly (merge r1308604)
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IntelliJ configuration: minor fixes for branch_3x
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LUCENE-3930: add svn:ignore .jar to these directories
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LUCENE-3930: nuke jars from source tree and use ivy
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LUCENE-3934 Residual IDF calculation in the pruning package was wrong,

correct formula required a slightly different implementation. Unit test added.

LUCENE-3937: Removed remaining references to the patched xercesImpl jar; added benchmark/CHANGES.txt entry.
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Merged revision(s) 1307141 from lucene/dev/trunk:

LUCENE-3937: Workaround a XERCES-J bug in benchmark module.

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tests: get JRE bug workaround working for this test again
Backport of SOLR-3276 (fix Kuromoji config, etc.)
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LUCENE-3929: add a test demonstrating this works
small opto when charfilter is used: don't call this method twice in end
fix typo
LUCENE-2599 Lucene spatial contrib: simple mistake; I referenced Solr instead of Lucene.
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LUCENE-2599 Lucene spatial contrib: Added deprecation notice text to javadoc overview.html and to CHANGES.txt
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LUCENE-2599 Lucene spatial contrib: Mark all classes with the @Deprecated annotation.
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remaining eol-style fixes to trunk, native except .sh (LF)
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don't use java6-only method
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Fix javadoc blooper in LUCENE-3909 backport
Backport of LUCENE-3909 (move and rename Kuromoji)
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