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LUCENE-1866: better RAT reporting
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LUCENE-3930: nuke jars from source tree and use ivy
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add temp placeholder tasks for jenkins
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add group packages for javadocs-all overview.html for pruning and suggest
LUCENE-3753: Move JFlex scanner generation from lucene/build.xml to lucene/core/build.xml; fix the uax29.supp.macros.output.file property in lucene/contrib/icu/build.xml, used by the gen-uax29-supp-macros target, to point to the new location of the output target, which now resides under lucene/core/.
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LUCENE-3774: Optimized and streamlined license and notice file validation

by refactoring the build task into an ANT task and modifying build scripts

to perform top-level checks. (Dawid Weiss, Steve Rowe, Robert Muir)

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Help clover, hopefully
LUCENE-3753: Clover fixes: Added non-clover-invoking compile-core target specializations to the lucene/test-framework and lucene/tools modules, since these classes have no tests, and lucene/test-framework sources are already included in every other module's clover instrumentation; and moved generate-clover-reports from lucene/common-build.xml to lucene/build.xml, since it doesn't need to be shared elsewhere.
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LUCENE-3753: build-contrib dependendency should be on compile-test, which compiles all test and non-test sources under lucene/, rather than on common.compile-test; otherwise, build outputs go to the wrong place and trigger a build failure.
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LUCENE-3753: Restructure the Lucene build system
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LUCENE-1812: Static index pruning added.

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LUCENE-3305: add Kuromoji Japanese morphological analyzer
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LUCENE-3667: partial backport
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SOLR-2982: add Beider-Morse phonetic filter
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LUCENE-3228: Stop downloading external javadoc package-list files
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Add new backwards tests from 3.5 release branch. Also added a temporary 3.5 lucene-core.jar file.

Once the release is out, changes to the backwards tests from the release branch will be merged to the backwards folder and the final/official JAR file is placed in lib folder. This also fixes the backwards compilation to respect new test-framework source layout.

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Merged revision(s) 1198039 from lucene/dev/trunk:

LUCENE-3561: Fix maven xxx-src.jar files that were missing resources

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LUCENE-3490: backport test-framework/java for consistency with trunk structure
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LUCENE-3477: fix wrong path in build.xml jflex target; rerun jflex
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update build.xml to include facet javadocs in javadocs-all

LUCENE-3406: Add ant target 'package-local-src-tgz' to Lucene and Solr to package sources from the local working copy.
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LUCENE-3361: port url+email tokenizer to standardtokenizerinterface, fix combining marks bug
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LUCENE-3358: StandardTokenizer wrongly discarded combining marks attached to Han/Hiragana
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Fix building test-frameworks from contribs: The classpath used during compilation did not include ANT when executed from modules or contribs, so the build failed. Now the test-framework gets its own compilation classpath, the ant.jar can even be removed completely from top-level.
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LUCENE-3337: avoid building jar files unless necessary in build
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LUCENE-3336: Speed up javadocs-all builds by minimizing compile costs
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fix classpath in backwards tests (fixes version bug, but the test is still bogus - i will open issue)
LUCENE-3329: Now copying lucene-test-framework jar instead of lucene-core jar to create the lucene-test-framework Maven artifact
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LUCENE-3313: ignore multipliers/nightly for backwards tests
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SOLR-2452: Rewrote Solr build system (tighter integration with the Lucene build system) and restructured Solr internal and contrib modules
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