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Brought IntelliJ IDEA configuration up-to-date: switched package tests' lucene version system properties from 3.3 to 3.5; added solr langid contrib module; added *.mt, *.utf8, *.aff, and *.dic to the compiler resource patterns; renamed solr contrib build dirs to be the same as the Ant locations (build/contrib/solr-*/)
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SOLR-2452: Rewrote Solr build system (tighter integration with the Lucene build system) and restructured Solr internal and contrib modules
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svn:eol-style -> native
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- Re-ordered module dependencies to be the last <orderEntry>s - modules that depend on other modules will otherwise refuse to compile under IntelliJ 10.0.3.

- Removed <orderEntry> for the now-nonexistent contrib/demo/lib/

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Tell IntelliJ to ignore more directories containing build output (e.g. dist, package, lucene-lib, etc.)
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Solr 3.x requires Java 1.5, not 1.6
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LUCENE-2611: Re-sync IntelliJ config in dev-tools/idea/; Move both solr/src/test/test-files/ and solr/contrib/analysis-extras/src/test/test-files/ up one level; Set the IntelliJ Java language level on all Solr modules to 6.0
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LUCENE-2611: Added IntelliJ IDEA configuration files in dev-tools/idea/, installable via 'ant idea'
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