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IntelliJ configuration: minor fixes for branch_3x
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LUCENE-3930: nuke jars from source tree and use ivy
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added *.json to list of files to include when copying resources to build/
remaining eol-style fixes to trunk, native except .sh (LF)
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fix eol-style
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LUCENE-3774: IntelliJ IDEA configuration: include lucene/lib/ in the non-test classpath (in addition to the test classpath) for the IntelliJ (uber-)Lucene module, so that lucene/tools/**/ will compile.
LUCENE-3762: Upgrade JUnit to 4.10, refactor state-machine of detecting

setUp/tearDown call chaining in LuceneTestCase. (Dawid Weiss, Robert Muir)

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LUCENE-3753: Restructure the Lucene build system
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IntelliJ IDEA config: Moved kuromoji dependency from analysis-extras contrib module to where it belongs: the (core) solr module.
LUCENE-1812: IntelliJ IDEA configuration: alphabetize the new pruning contrib entries; fix run configuration list (# of entries & name of pruning contrib); add svn:ignore property for *.iml and pom.xml in lucene/contrib/pruning/
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IntelliJ IDEA configuration: remove obsolete Ant library
LUCENE-1812: Static index pruning added.

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IntelliJ IDEA configuration:

* added "*.dat" to list of resources that gets copied to compilation output directory

* alphabetized kuromoji in the modules list

* Moved compiler output directory to build/contrib/analyzers/kuromoji-idea/, because IntelliJ includes tools in the output, where the Ant build instead creates a separate output directory for tools

* Added pom.xml and *.iml to list of svn:ignore patterns for lucene/contrib/analyzers/kuromoji/.

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LUCENE-3305: add Kuromoji Japanese morphological analyzer
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LUCENE-3634: IntelliJ IDEA configuration: Added ICU dependency to benchmark contrib.
SOLR-2994: IntelliJ IDEA config: Add Solr dep on lucene-phonetic (added in SOLR-2982)
SOLR-2982: IntelliJ IDEA config: added new lucene phonetic analysis contrib
Fix IntelliJ configuration for solr langid contrib so that the pre-defined whole-module JUnit run configuration works
LUCENE-3490: backport test-framework/java for consistency with trunk structure
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IntelliJ IDEA configuration: Enable assertions by default in JUnit run configurations
SOLR-2588: backported velocity contrib to branch_3x
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Added the langid libraries on the classpath for idea
LUCENE-3261: IntelliJ IDEA configuration: added facet contrib dependency to the benchmark contrib
Brought IntelliJ IDEA configuration up-to-date: switched package tests' lucene version system properties from 3.3 to 3.5; added solr langid contrib module; added *.mt, *.utf8, *.aff, and *.dic to the compiler resource patterns; renamed solr contrib build dirs to be the same as the Ant locations (build/contrib/solr-*/)
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Fix working directories
SOLR-2452: Rewrote Solr build system (tighter integration with the Lucene build system) and restructured Solr internal and contrib modules
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LUCENE-3233: Update IntelliJ configuration to exclude obsolete wordnet contrib
LUCENE-3171: added IntelliJ IDEA configuration
LUCENE-3079: on branch_3x, the facet contrib doesn't need a dependency on the common analyzer contrib
LUCENE-3079: added IntelliJ IDEA configuration