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SOLR-3331: solr NOTICE.txt is missing information
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fix smokeTestRelease to not expect lib/ (instead test-framework), and temporary disable the requirement that all classes have some javadocs (see LUCENE-3887, more work to be done there for another day
Add support for passing through new tests.* system properties; also, provide default values for all of them
LUCENE-3951: fix ivy resolve invocation in the bootstrap profile in the Lucene/Solr grandfather POM to handle both the case where sysprop ivy.default.ivy.user.dir is set and where it is not
LUCENE-3951: Include ivy resolve invocation to download the patched jetty test dependencies in the bootstrap profile in the Lucene/Solr grandfather POM
SOLR-3310: nuke the solr-langdetect maven packaging
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SOLR-3295: binaries contained 1.6 classes
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SOLR-3308: nuke the solr-jsonic maven packaging
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IntelliJ configuration: minor fixes for branch_3x
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LUCENE-3930: nuke jars from source tree and use ivy
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added *.json to list of files to include when copying resources to build/
LUCENE-3937: Removed remaining references to the patched xercesImpl jar; added benchmark/CHANGES.txt entry.
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SOLR-3294: In contrib/clustering/lib/, replaced the manually retrowoven Java 1.5-compatible carrot2-core-3.5.0.jar (which is not publicly available, except from the Solr Subversion repository), with newly released Java 1.5-compatible carrot2-core- (hosted on the Maven Central repository). Also updated dependencies jackson-core-asl and jackson-mapper-asl (both v1.5.2 -> v1.7.4).
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SOLR-2020: Maven configuration:

* Switched the scope from runtime to compile for the two httpcomponents dependencies in the solrj POM - compilation fails unless these are on the classpath.

* Removed commons-httpclient dependency from the solr-core POM. It gets this dependency transitively through solrj.

* Added the two httpcomponents dependencies with test scope to the POM for solr-core (under which all Solr tests are run in the Maven build, including those of solrj); otherwise tests fail, because these are optional dependencies of solrj, and are not transitively included on the test classpath.

* Added a httpcomponents.version property to the Lucene/Solr grandparent POM, and used it in the <dependencyManagement> declarations for the two httpcomponents dependencies.

remaining eol-style fixes to trunk, native except .sh (LF)
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fix eol-style
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SOLR-2020: Add Java client that uses Apache Http Components http client (4.x)
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fix solr-core POM to refer to lucene-kuromoji instead of lucene-analyzers-kuromoji
add test-framework resources to eclipse classpath (so tests using linedocs file etc will work)
Enable comparisons between Solr distribution artifact names (apache-solr-*) and those of Maven artifacts (solr-*)
allow checkout dir cmdline arg to be relative
LUCENE-3887: fix smoke tester to fail when package.html is missing or public classes don't have description in package-summary
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LUCENE-3885: When checking maven artifacts from an RC URL that doesn't name a release branch, instead of failing, find the POM templates in the local working copy the script is run from; also, (temporarily) stop requiring that maven artifacts are identical to their counterparts in the binary distribution
Fix the koromoji artifactId
copy RC-building script from trunk
fix release smoke-tester to expect new build directory layout
SOLR-3204: Maven configuration: fix source file name for the solr-common-csv artifact.
Merged revision(s) 1298164 from lucene/dev/trunk:

SOLR-3204: The packaged pre-release artifact of Commons CSV used the original package name (org.apache.commons.csv). This created a compatibility issue as the Apache Commons team works toward an official release of Commons CSV. JARJAR ( was used to change the package name to org.apache.solr.internal.csv

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Update Maven usage/build documentation
LUCENE-3825: Add proper SCM sections to all released/deployed POM templates
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