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Adding high-resolution original logo artwork.
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Adjust awkward logging message
Add ignore for tmp directory
Rails engines generated this directory, added its README with ASL patched in
  1. /solr/trunk/client/ruby/flare/public/plugin_assets
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SOLR-761: Fix Flare ASL license headers. Removed a couple of files that were unnecessary and awkward to add license text to anyway. A few spots of tabs->spaces
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- update to reflect 0.4 release
SOLR-862: Add notice about export control to README
SOLR-1310: Upgrade to Tika 0.4
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- prepare for next release
- update site documentation to reflect release of 0.4
SOLR-769: subcluster flattening
SOLR-769: Refactor build slightly to get example working, fix classloading issue for Carrot Clustering engine
  1. /solr/trunk/contrib/clustering/example/conf
LUCENE-1754: JavaDoc updates
LUCENE-1754: EMPTY_DOCIDSET subclasses DocIdSet directly
LUCENE-1754: just use EMPTY_DOCIDSET.iterator() instead of new EmptyDocIdSetIterator
LUCENE-1595: don't use SortField.AUTO; deprecate LineDocMaker & EnwikiDocMaker
LUCENE-1754: add EmptyDocIdSetIterator
LUCENE-1754: update back-compat test
new back-compat tag
  1. /java/tags/lucene_2_4_back_compat_tests_20090727
LUCENE-1754: update back-compat test
LUCENE-1754: BooleanQuery detects up front if it won't match any docs and returns null from its scorer() instead of NonMatchingScorer
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MAHOUT-152: fix size comparisons
Remove left-over javadoc <font> tag.
- rc2 branch was made from same source as 0.4-rc1 branch with the simple change of redoing the tarball (to unpack to apache-tika-0.4 instead of to the CWD). But, it's important to have a record of it, so here it is. See:

Tika 0.4 release
Some additional changes to LUCENE-1644 / MTQ:

- Deprecate one ctor of MultiTermQuery(Term), as Term field is deprecated

- Add readResolve also for the default auto rewrite method (not really needed because equals/hashcode impl, but singleton status is preserved)

- Some changes in NumericRangeQueryTests (now they use always constant score boolean/filter rewrite in basic tests, the default in all other tests)

- Add some explanations for the rewriteMethod used in NumericRangeQery's ctor (term enum seeks and so on). I also made a switch statement of the valSize (like at other places in this class, this is for later 8 or 16 bit valSize extensions)

LUCENE-1644: fix highlighter to rewrite MTQ whenever it's not already a SCORING_BOOLEAN_QUERY
LUCENE-1693: Add AttributeSource ctors to Tokenizer
LUCENE-1448: Add TokenStream.end() to perform end-of-stream operations. Fixes offset problems when multiple fields with the same name are added to a document.