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Changeset 616533 is being indexed.

Fix to redirect w/o slash too.

LUCENE-1158: DateTools UTC/GMT mismatch -> fixing the javadoc
LUCENE-1132: Updated documentation and deprecated bytes references in favor of character references
LUCENE-1150: make StandardAnalyzer tokenizer constants public again (public access was accidentally removed with LUCENE-966)
missed a wiki link
updated wiki link
NUTCH-587 - Upgrade Nutch to use Hadoop 0.15.3 release. Goof on changes.txt, didn't change the number. Changed it to 68.
NUTCH-587 - Upgrade Nutch to use Hadoop 0.15.3 release.
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added JIRA info
small typo fix in javadoc
LUCENE-1153: added lib/junit and build support
adding @Override to subclasses
deleting duplicate file
LUCENE-1153: Updated junit req to 3.8.2
LUCENE-1120: also add 2.3 index tests to the backwards compatibility test
LUCENE-1120: speed up merging of term vectors by bulk-copying the raw bytes
  1. … 4 more files in changeset.
LUCENE-1084: change all IW ctors to require up-front specification of max field length; deprecated existing ones
  1. … 21 more files in changeset.
LUCENE-705: pre-set the CFS file length before building it
LUCENE-1147: add -segment option to CheckIndex tool, to check only a specific segment or segments
SOLR-457: SolrJ updates - allow client to pass HttpClient, change interfaces to classes, use InputStream for XML parser, make XML factory static
Add news entry for 2.3.0 release.
Add news entry for 2.3.0 release.
LUCENE-1136: add ability to not count sub-task doLogic increment to contri/benchmark

Added javadocs about UNTOKENIZED_TOKEN_FLAG conundrum
LUCENE-1133: Adds ability to keep certain strings as single tokens
fixed javadoc
LUCENE-1137: Added Token.get/setFlags() Release the hounds
LUCENE-1128 and 1129: Add highlighting support to benchmarking, plus fix minor traversalSize bug in ReadTask, also added a few new algorithms to try out
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LUCENE-1127: added couple of convenience methods to TokenSources