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Changeset 612196 is being indexed.

Update docs/current link to point to 0.15.2.
HADOOP-2605. Remove bogus slash in task-tracker report bindAddress. Contributed by Konstantin Shvachko
NUTCH-534 SegmentMerger: add -normalize option.

HADOOP-2587 Splits blocked by compactions cause region to be offline for duration of compaction.

Patch verified by Billy Pearson

- Initial commit (blank, testing permission)
HADOOP-2579 initializing a new HTable object against a nonexistent table

throws a NoServerForRegionException instead of a TableNotFoundException

when a different table has been created previously

HADOOP-2532. Add to MapFile a getClosest method that returns the key that comes just before if the key is not present. Contributed by stack.
HADOOP-2494. Set +x on contrib/*/bin/* in packaged tar bundle. Contributed by stack.
HADOOP-2598 Remove chatty debug logging from 2443 patch

HADOOP-2589 Change an classes/package name from shell to hql

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make some root level dirs for Mahout
make some root level dirs for Mahout

Create Mahout SVN project

HADOOP-2601. Start name-node on a free port for TestNNThroughputBenchmark. Contributed by Konstantin Shvachko
HADOOP-2558 modified CHANGES.txt to indicate that this is an incompatible change.
SOLR-444: do not highlight default search field if none present

HADOOP-2481. NNBench report its progress periodically.

(Hairong Kuang via dhruba)

HADOOP-2398. Additional instrumentation for NameNode and RPC server.

Add support for accessing instrumentation statistics via JMX.

(Sanjay radia via dhruba)

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Merge -r 611902:611903 from trunk to 0.15 branch to resolve HADOOP-2516.

HADOOP-2516. Moved message for HADOOP-1819 to incompatible changes in change

log. (omalley)

Merge -r 611886:611887 from trunk to branch-0.15 to fix HADOOP-2574.
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HADOOP-2574. Fixed mapred_tutorial.xml to correct minor errors with the WordCount examples.

HADOOP-2570. import for FileUtil was missing from in the 0.15 branch.
HADOOP-2574. Reverted the fix due to the bad commit message. The commit message should have had HADOOP-2570.
HADOOP-1876. Updating hadoop-default.html to reflect changes to hadoop-default.xml.

HADOOP-2077. Added version and build information to STARTUP_MSG for all hadoop daemons to aid error-reporting, debugging etc.

HADOOP-2574. import for FileUtil was missing in 0.15.
LUCENE-1130 (on 2.3 branch): fix thread safety issues when hitting IOExceptions in DocumentsWriter
LUCENE-1130: fix thread safety issues when hitting IOExceptions in DocumentsWriter