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Changeset 610602 is being indexed.

HADOOP-2552. Enable HDFS permission checking by default.
HADOOP-2406. Add a benchmark for measuring read/write performance through the

InputFormat interface, particularly with compression.

HADOOP-2268. Fix org.apache.hadoop.mapred.jobcontrol classes to use the List/Map interfaces rather than concrete ArrayList/HashMap classes internally. Contributed by Adrian Woodhead.

SOLR-42: additional tweaks to get highlighting to work properly (contributed by Grant Ingersoll)
HADOOP-1281. Ensure running tasks of completed map TIPs (e.g. speculative tasks) are killed as soon as the TIP completed.

HADOOP-2447. HDFS can be configured to limit the total number of

objects (inodes and blocks) in the file system. (dhruba)

HADOOP-2537. Make build process compatible with Ant 1.7.0. Contributed by Hrishikesh.
SOLR-303 -- moving SearchHandler into org.apache.solr.handler.component
SOLR-434 - change interfaces should support >2B docs
HADOOP-2558 fixes for build up on hudson (Part 1)

HADOOP-2446. Fixes TestHDFSServerPorts and TestMRServerPorts so they do not rely on statically configured ports and cleanup better. Contributed by nigel.
HADOOP-2547. Removes use of a 'magic number' in build.xml. Contributed by Hrishikesh.
HADOOP-2369. Adds a set of scripts for simulating a mix of user map/reduce

workloads. (Runping Qi via cdouglas)

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  1. /hadoop/trunk/src/test/gridmix/monsterQuery
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HADOOP-2233. Adds a generic load generator for modeling MR jobs.

HADOOP-2490 Failure in nightly #346

Add one fix and more logging to help diagnose the failures up on hudson.

HADOOP-2285. Speeds up TextInputFormat. Also includes updates to the

Text API. Contributed by Owen O'Malley

SOLR-452 commit: hl.mergeContiguous

long overdue mention of Tika on Lcene TLP site (Lucene PMC is sponsoring Tika's incubation)
SOLR-446: TextResponseWriter can write SolrDocuments and SolrDocumentLists the same way it writes Document and DocList.
Minor fix for site for release 0.15.2.
HADOOP-1660. Add the cwd of the map/reduce task to the java.library.path of the child-jvm to support loading of native libraries distributed via the DistributedCache.

HADOOP-2512. Fix error stream handling in Shell. Use exit code to

detect shell command errors in RawLocalFileSystem. (Raghu Angadi)

LUCENE-1123: Allow overriding the specification version for MANIFEST.MF
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LUCENE-1123: Allow overriding the specification version for MANIFEST.MF

HADOOP-2472 Range selection using filter

HADOOP-2450 Show version (and svn revision) in hbase web ui

don't default an encapsulator for split CSV fields
Updated site for release 0.15.2.
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Hadoop 0.15.2 release.
don't swallow exception