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Changeset 604352 is being indexed.

HADOOP-2323. Fix Jobtracker.close() to not print stack traces on normal exit. Contributed by jimk.
HADOOP-2381. Support permission information in FileStatus. Client

Protocol version changed from 21 to 22. (Raghu Angadi via dhruba)

HADOOP-2199 Add tools for going from hregion filename to region name in logs
HADOOP-2430 Master will not shut down if there are no active region servers
HADOOP-2414 Fix ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in bloom filters.
HADOOP-1965. Reverted the patch due to the problem reported in HADOOP-2419
Merge -r 604261:604262 from trunk to 0.15 branch. Fixes HADOOP-2378.
HADOOP-2378. Fixes a problem where the last task completion event would get created after the job completes. Contributed by Alejandro Abdelnur
HADOOP-2286 Add being able to shutdown regionservers

Add Konstantin Shvachko to list of committers.
HADOOP-2158. hdfsListDirectory calls FileSystem.listStatus instead

of FileSystem.listPaths. This reduces the number of RPC calls on the

namenode, thereby improving scalability. (Christian Kunz via dhruba)

svn merge -c 603000 from trunk.

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Modified CHANGES.txt to indicate that HADOOP-2158 is part of the

0.15.2 release.

HADOOP-2418 Fix assertion failures in TestTableMapReduce, TestTableIndex, and TestTableJoinMapReduce

HADOOP-2417 Fix critical shutdown problem introduced by HADOOP-2338
HADOOP-2351 If select command returns no result, it doesn't need to show

the header information

LUCENE-1086: DocMakers setup for the "docs.dir" property fails when passing an absolute path.

fix potential thread-safety issue in contrib/benchmark's TrecDocMaker.

(follow-up to

LUCENE-1019: CustomScoreQuery enhanced to support multiple ValueSource queries.

HADOOP-2047 Add an '--master=X' and '--html' command-line parameters to shell

Add support for alternate field highlighting, based on patch by Koji Sekiguchi on SOLR-376
HADOOP-1841. Prevent slow clients from consuming threads in the NameNode.


for LUCENE-1079, document the change under "API Changes".

LUCENE-1079: DocValues cleanup: constructor & getInnerArray().

HADOOP-2407 Keeping MapFile.Reader open is expensive: Part 2


HADOOP-2392, HADOOP-2324:


- initialChore() now returns boolean


- rather than retry in root and meta scanners, return if a scan fails. It will get retried on the next scan. This has two effects: 1) scanners exit more quickly during shutdown and 2) they don't keep retrying to connect to a dead server, allowing them to recover from a server going down more quickly.

- initialScan in root and meta scanners return boolean and do not progress to maintenanceScan until the initial scan completes successfully.


- speed up region server exit by reordering join's so that we join with threads in the order that we told them to stop


- remove overrides of heartbeat and thread wake intervals



- move check for null HRegionInfo before first attempt to dereference it.


- HMaster$BaseScanner.checkAssigned: don't try to split dead server's log if initial startup has completed.



- change toString() to only output the region name rather than calling HRegionInfo.toString()


- make logging a bit less verbose


- was writing to local file system and failing on Windows

HADOOP-2401. Only the current leaseholder can abandon a block for

a HDFS file. ClientProtocol version changed from 20 to 21.

(Tsz Wo (Nicholas), SZE via dhruba)

Revert Lucene-944
HADOOP-2370 Allow column families with an unlimited number of versions

HADOOP-2243 getRow returns empty Map if no-such row.. should return null

Intentionally not added to the CHANGES.txt because way hbase currently works

is correct; this commit just adds a bit of clarifying javadoc.

HADOOP-2395 Implement "ALTER TABLE ... CHANGE column" operation