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Changeset 602165 is being indexed.

LUCENE-1044: revert the doSync option to FSDirectory
- Javadoc fix
LUCENE-1077 new sinks and payloads analysis packages
LUCENE-1082: fix NPE in IndexReader.lastModified(*) methods
SOLR-350 -- allow configuration of dataDir via multicore.xml
HADOOP-2363. This fix allows running multiple instances of the unit test

in parallel. The bug was introduced in HADOOP-2185 that changed

port-rolling behaviour. (Konstantin Shvachko via dhruba)

SOLR-350 - change "STOP" to "UNLOAD"
SOLR-350, SOLR-409 -- adding configurable support for running multiple cores in one sole instance
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HADOOP-2362 Leaking hdfs file handle on region split

HADOOP-2368. Fix unit tests on Windows.

(Tsz Wo (Nicholas), SZE via dhruba)

Adding a utility function to convert SolrDocument -> SolrInputDocument
HADOOP-2365 Result of HashFunction.hash() contains all identical values
Merge -r601498:601818 from trunk to 0.15 branch. Fixes: HADOOP-2160 and HADOOP-1327.
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Add notes for HADOOP-2160 and HADOOP-1327.

HADOOP-1327. Regenerate docs, adding new streaming pages.
Remove unused file.
HADOOP-1327. Adding user documentation for streaming.

Remove stale copy of .htaccess in author/ which kept overwriting version in publish/.
HADOOP-2281. Add site link to ASF sponsors.
LUCENE-1058: override the close method so it doesn't try to close the null Reader input
remove unused imports
LUCENE-1064: Changed TopDocs constructor to be public.
default HashDocSet/@maxSize to 3000 rather then throwing an error if not specified
directing people to wiki for non-apache hosted mailing list archives
remove a stale redirect for hadoop that breaks the current site

HADOOP-2160. Revert inadvertant change.
HADOOP-2160. Fix build to fail when forrest fails.
HADOOP-2160. Restore some lost links to current documentation. Also redirect api requests to current docs, and fix build to fail when forrest fails.