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remove unused imports
LUCENE-1064: Changed TopDocs constructor to be public.
default HashDocSet/@maxSize to 3000 rather then throwing an error if not specified
directing people to wiki for non-apache hosted mailing list archives
remove a stale redirect for hadoop that breaks the current site

HADOOP-2160. Revert inadvertant change.
HADOOP-2160. Fix build to fail when forrest fails.
HADOOP-2160. Restore some lost links to current documentation. Also redirect api requests to current docs, and fix build to fail when forrest fails.
HADOOP-2160. Remove .htaccess, which is no longer needed here.
HADOOP-2160. Remove project-level, non-user documentation from trunk, since it's now maintained in a separate tree.
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HADOOP-2160. No longer ignore api, since it's not there, but redirect api requests to current version, for back-compatibility.
HADOOP-2160. Add a symbolic link to the current version of the docs.
HADOOP-1652. A utility to balance data among datanodes in a HDFS cluster.

(Hairong Kuang via dhruba)

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HADOOP-2185. RPC Server uses any available port if the specified port is

zero. Otherwise it uses the specified port.

(Konstantin Shvachko via dhruba)

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HADOOP-2349. Improve code layout in file system transaction logging code.

(Tsz Wo (Nicholas), SZE via dhruba)

HADOOP-2160. Fix doc links to point to documentation.html, for back-compatibility.
HADOOP-2160. Add build.xml and link to 0.14.4 docs.
HADOOP-2160. Fix external links.
HADOOP-2160. Fix external links.
HADOOP-2160. Fix external links.
HADOOP-2160. Initial version of new Hadoop project website, without end-user documentation.
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HADOOP-2357 Compaction cleanup; less deleting + prevent possible file leaks

LUCENE-1078: remove dead code
HADOOP-2347 REST servlet not thread safe but run in a threaded manner

make LuceneTestrCase abstract for junit to run smoother from Eclipse.

HADOOP-2184. RPC Support for user permissions and authentication.

(Raghu Angadi via dhruba)

LUCENE-1072: make sure an exception raised in leaves DocumentsWriter in OK state
LUCENE-1075: fix possible thread hazard with IndexWriter.close(false)
HADOOP-2333 Client side retries happen at the wrong level