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HADOOP-2316 Run REST servlet outside of master

copy the maven artifacts out of the build structure so it doesn't get deleted by ant clean
deprecated getSolrCore() was hiding exceptions
coordinate the maven artifacts
constructor should have been public
HADOOP-2332 Meta table data selection in Hbase Shell

LUCENE-935: Don't generate checksums for maven artifacts; <artifact:deploy> does this automatically for us
HADOOP-2315 REST servlet doesn't treat / characters in row key correctly

SOLR-421 -- adding SolrDocument
SOLR-421 -- make SolrParams and Solr*Documents serializable
HADOOP-1900. Makes the heartbeat and task event queries interval dependent on the cluster size. Contributed by Amareshwari Sri Ramadasu.
HADOOP-2300. This fixes a bug where mapred.tasktracker.tasks.maximum would be ignored even if it was set in hadoop-site.xml. Contributed by Amareshwari Sri Ramadasu.
LUCENE-1072: make sure on hitting a too-long term that IndexWriter is still usable
HADOOP-2321 TestScanner2 does not release resources which sometimes cause the test to time out
LUCENE-935: Allow to deploy maven artifacts to a remote m2 repository via scp and ssh authentication.
The CSV loader incorrectly threw an exception when given header=true
altered info about mailing list archives
altered info about mailing list archives
Changed the Maven nightly artifact to be 2.3-SNAPSHOT, more in line w/ Maven conventions
export docs to p.a.o. via a cron job on gsingers acct on p.a.o
AbstractPluginLoader needs to return 'null' unless there was something registred to the same location
HADOOP-2314. Prevent TestBlockReplacement from occasionally getting

into an infinite loop. (Hairong Kuang via dhruba)

HADOOP-2309 ConcurrentModificationException doing get of all region start keys
commented out OSSummit info until we know when it is scheduled
HADOOP-2322 getRow(row, TS) client interface not properly connected

HADOOP-2320 Committed TestGet2 is managled (breaks build).

HADOOP-2068 RESTful interface

  1. /hadoop/trunk/src/contrib/hbase/src/webapps/rest
HADOOP-2224 Add HTable.getRow(ROW, ts)

Forgot to add new file TestGet2.

HADOOP-2224 Add HTable.getRow(ROW, ts)

HADOOP-2304 Abbreviated symbol parsing error of dir path in jar command