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Changeset 600465 is being indexed.

LUCENE-1072: make sure on hitting a too-long term that IndexWriter is still usable
HADOOP-2321 TestScanner2 does not release resources which sometimes cause the test to time out
LUCENE-935: Allow to deploy maven artifacts to a remote m2 repository via scp and ssh authentication.
The CSV loader incorrectly threw an exception when given header=true
altered info about mailing list archives
altered info about mailing list archives
Changed the Maven nightly artifact to be 2.3-SNAPSHOT, more in line w/ Maven conventions
export docs to p.a.o. via a cron job on gsingers acct on p.a.o
AbstractPluginLoader needs to return 'null' unless there was something registred to the same location
HADOOP-2314. Prevent TestBlockReplacement from occasionally getting

into an infinite loop. (Hairong Kuang via dhruba)

HADOOP-2309 ConcurrentModificationException doing get of all region start keys
commented out OSSummit info until we know when it is scheduled
HADOOP-2322 getRow(row, TS) client interface not properly connected

HADOOP-2320 Committed TestGet2 is managled (breaks build).

HADOOP-2068 RESTful interface

  1. /hadoop/trunk/src/contrib/hbase/src/webapps/rest
HADOOP-2224 Add HTable.getRow(ROW, ts)

Forgot to add new file TestGet2.

HADOOP-2224 Add HTable.getRow(ROW, ts)

HADOOP-2304 Abbreviated symbol parsing error of dir path in jar command

HADOOP-2308 null regioninfo breaks meta scanner

Added some more javadocs
LUCENE-982: add new method optimize(int maxNumSegments) to IndexWriter
HADOOP-2297 System.exit() Handling in hbase shell jar command

Forgot to add new files in last commit

HADOOP-2297 System.exit() Handling in hbase shell jar command

  1. … 10 more files in changeset.
HADOOP-2296 hbase shell: phantom columns show up from select command

HADOOP-2234 TableInputFormat erroneously aggregates map values

HADOOP-2209. SecondaryNamenode process exits if it encounters exceptions

that it cannot handle. (Dhruba Borthakur via dhruba)

HADOOP-2295 Fix assigning a region to multiple servers
HADOOP-2198 HTable should have method to return table metadata

removing the setFacetMinCount() from addFacetField(). see:

Also fixing the setFields() issue

LUCENE-1058: Added new buffering tokenizer/token filter for reducing redundant analysis