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Changeset 1813184 is being indexed.

Add news items for Lucene/Solr 5.5.5.
Update CMS production sync exceptions for 5_5_5 javadocs
- fixed bug PYLUCENE-39 (slicing JArray in Python 3)

Fix links for 6.6.2 announcement
Fix CSS issues with <code>
Add mitigation for XXE
Fix the link in the core news for 6.6.2
Fixing the link in 6.6.2 news section.
Lucene and Solr 6.6.2 release
Update CMS production sync exceptions for 6_6_2 javadocs
- fixed bug PYLUCENE-38 (Aric Coady)

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Fixed links and removed message about feedback and mirrors
Fixing link to download and change log pages
Added link to vulnerability announcement and fixed blurb on new query DSL for solr
Updated for release 7.1.0
Updated redirects to latest javadocs for 7.1.0
Update CMS production sync exceptions for 7_1_0 javadocs
Add warning in website news section about security issue
Fix formatting of mitigation steps for older CVE-2017-7660
Update website for Lucene/Solr 7.0.1 release
LUCENE-7543: remove doap.rdf files from the CMS
update javadoc redirects
Update CMS production sync exceptions for 7_0_1 javadocs
Replace quickstart with link to Tutorial in Ref Guide
Add redirect rule for the tutorial
Update link to Tutorial
Add 7.0 Ref Guide release announcement
Update link to Tutorial
Update link to Tutorial