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update javadoc redirects
Update CMS production sync exceptions for 7_0_1 javadocs
Replace quickstart with link to Tutorial in Ref Guide
Add redirect rule for the tutorial
Update link to Tutorial
Add 7.0 Ref Guide release announcement
Update link to Tutorial
Update link to Tutorial
Add link to 7.0 Guide
Update Links & Redirect for 7.0 Ref Guide release
Update CMS prod sync exceptions for 7_0 Ref Guide
- fixed bug with using split instead of rpartition on path (Petrus Hyvönen)

Update version table for 7.0
Fix redirect to ref guide - shouldn't be 7_0 yet
Fixed link to jira in security announcements
Remove unwanted comma from the news
Fix typo in the news sections
Add to the news - Java9 compatability for Lucene
Add link for Lucene changes file, and fix indentation
Website updates for Lucene/Solr 7.0.0 release
Changes for 7.0.0 release
Update CMS production sync exceptions for 7_0_0 javadocs
Adding announcement for CVE-2017-9803
Update website to point to 6.6.1
Update to 6.6.1 release
Update CMS production sync exceptions for 6_6_1 javadocs
Fixing Lucene download link to point to latest version
Update info of Datcm
- added 'm' suffix to linux -lpython statement for shared jcc lib

Added new item for CVE-2017-7660