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fix year of 6.4 release
Update CMS with the latest 6.4.0 release
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Update CMS production sync exceptions for 6_4_0 javadocs
Added Spark and Zeppelin to related projects
Fix link to mailing lists, add spacing
Add community links to footer
Clarify version table
trunk -> master
Fix dead links to old Jenkins jobs, SVN etc
fixed broken links
Fix dead link to Mathieu Nayrolles
Fix freenode link
First attempt on version table
Updates from Shawn, and some re-wording
Updates from Shawn
Discuss master branch. Rephrase "support" for EOL
Fix broken link
Fix link
Put IRC as sub paragraph below Mailing Lists & IRC
Shorten sub menu to fit one line
Fix links, shorten some texts, merge Mailing-lists & IRC
Compile the community template
Commit for view in staging
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Edit support section
    • ?
Readd Cao Manh Dat as committer
Revert last commit.
Add Cao Manh Dat as committer
Add Jim Ferenczi as Lucene/Solr committer
added myself to PMC listing
Adding ishan@ to WhoWeAre page