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Changeset 1757769 is being indexed.

Solr 6.2.0 release
Add Lucene 6.2.0 release
Redirect docs to Lucene/Solr 6.2.0 release docs
Update CMS production sync exceptions for 6_2_0 javadocs passes passes passes passes
Test_ICU*.py passes passes passes now passes
removed test_CachingWrapperQuery, classes disappeared
test_BooleanOr and test_BooleanQuery pass
got to pass
- updated Makefile so that PyLucene can build from lucene's branch 6x

- removed (obsolete) and its dependent extension classes

- shared mode now requires a modern setuptools (version >= 8)

fixed some compiler warnings
Add readme
Add enwiki test data
Add test-data folder
Remove old forrest-based website from SVN, just confuses users!
Added Alexandre Rafalovitch to the Committers list
Add Areek Zillur, Timothy Potter to PMC list, sort by last names
Add 5.5.2 news
Add 5.5.2 news
Add 5.5.2 news
Add Lucene 5.5.2
Add Solr 5.5.2
Update CMS production sync exceptions for 5.5.2 javadocs