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Updating Solr 6.0.0 News
Lucene/Solr 6.0 release template updates
Lucene/Solr 6.0.0 release

Add my name to the whoweare page
Update CMS production sync exceptions for 6_0_0 javadocs
Remove outdated SVN commit list from homepage (I also removed from Solr, but it wasn't shows anywhere anymore???). Currently Infra does not have a plugin to get Git commit list!
Added myself (Kevin Risden) to committers list
Fix release documentation link to point to 5.5.0 instead of 5.3.1
correct my info
5.5 ref guide included in 5.5.0 release announcement
simplify the initial git clone command
svn -> git
whitespace change to try to provoke a clean CMS build
fix some broken URLs; fix another place to 5.5.0
Lucene/Solr 5.5.0 release
Solr 5.5.0 release
Lucene 5.5.0 release
Lucene/Solr 5.5.0 release
Update CMS production sync exceptions for 5_5_0 javadocs
Change wording, telling people to re-fork
Update news text after feedback
Put news entry into staging area
Replace svn instructions with git
SOLR-8579: Remove Open Relevance from top menu and main section. Leave in righthand menu with text Open Relevance (Discontinued)
SOLR-8579: Update copyright year in footer on TLP
SOLR-8579: Change color of Solr download button to Solr-RED™
SOLR-8579: Replace Solr logo in banner
Rearrange names in alphabetical order
Fix link and copyright year
commit for lucene/solr 5.3.2 release - fixing download link in news