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LUCENE-4031: support offsets in Pulsing
test query with QueryUtils
removed SITE part of distrib, obsolete
preparing 3.6.0-1 release candidate
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merged from branch_3x
added (Thomas Koch)
LUCENE-2510: Moved deprecated ResourceLoader into solr-core to remove solrj dependency on lucene
PyLucene 3.6 release branch
version 3.6.0
version 2.13
LUCENE-4029: test uses FSDir now, and no longer uses mem intensive codecs
LUCENE-4030: getOrdTermsEnum no longer returns null when no terms were uninverted (SOLR-3427)
LUCENE-4028: add missing subCode=...s in nextNonLeaf
MockAnalyzer now confesses (if tests are VERBOSE) when it injects payloads...
make kuromoji's download-dict task ivy:retrieve instead of getting directly everytime
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fix this patternset to something that actually makes a useful src.tgz
fix build-dict task: cant use build.dir until after we import it
LUCENE-4027: 3.x codec should have its own skipper
test seeking here
expect testcase= in this test
add = signs
-Dtestcase doesnt require shell escaping for csh
SOLR-3370: fixed CSVResponseWriter to respect globs in the 'fl' param
tidied some spelling
LUCENE-2510: Added bw compat support for ResourceLoader/Aware
SOLR-3432: enhancements to existing test that i *thought* would demonstrate bug, but for some inexplicable reason, the test still passes
test cleanup -- remove the _version_ field from schema12.xml, and update the two tess that might care to use schema15.xml. Change is motivated by SOLR-3432 (we shouldn't be updating all 'old' configs when features are added, we need tests using older style configs to ensure we don't break stuff)
PingRequestHandler is now directly configured with a "healthcheckFile" instead of looking for the legacy <admin><healthcheck/></admin> syntax. Filenames specified as relative paths have been fixed so that they are resolved against the data dir instead of the CWD of the java process.
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fix eclipse/dot.classpath after move to randomizedtesting-1.4.0