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SOLR-1535 Pre-analyzed field type.

SOLR-3330: Clear Highlight for Changed Items
SOLR-2755: verify that passed parameters work
LUCENE-3965: remove contrib references
SOLR-3139: remove sop
LUCENE-3965: nuke more contrib references
LUCENE-3965: merge CHANGES entries
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LUCENE-3965: die contrib, die
LUCENE-3919, LUCENE-3873, LUCENE-3968, LUCENE-3940, LUCENE-3942, LUCENE-3969, LUCENE-3971, LUCENE-3990: backport analysis bugfixes and improved tests
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SOLR-3330: add option to include the original 'ref' nodes
SOLR-2020: use some chars outside the ascii range to test distributed search
fix broken link
LUCENE-3996: force rebuild
LUCENE-3996: try again now that buildbot is back
SOLR-2020: restore internals to be much more like they used to be
SOLR-3358: remove log4j LogWatcher implementation
LUCENE-3977: reduce javadocs triplication to only duplication
SOLR-3358: make log4j-over-slf4j optional maven dependency
update randomized runner pom
SOLR-3358: Maven configuration: In solr-core POM, exclude log4j-over-slf4j transitive dependency from solrj dependency; otherwise, log4j clashes with it.
Removed sysout.
LUCENE-3993: Polishing annoyances from JUnit4

- print @Ignore/@Assumption cause.

- perturb randomness in static contexts (LUCENE-3995).

- intellij idea (in)compatibilities.

LUCENE-3987: added sonatype releases to ivy/maven repos.
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try to trigger rebuild now that cms seems to be back up...
LUCENE-3994: disable huge linedocs file until something else is figured out, so nightly builds don't take hours
trigger rebuild
LUCENE-3996: sysreqs.html is a raw page
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remove JSP and XSLT javadoc references
remove comments about Luke XSLT
SOLR-3373: more careful NaN diff calculations