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Changeset 1311812 is being indexed.

SOLR-3322 Add more context to IndexReaderFactory.newReader.

LUCENE-3969: add new random test for MappingCharFilter (sometimes fails, due to same final offset bug)
LUCENE-3969: add failing test case for MappingCharFilter wrong final offset
LUCENE-3969: disable these for now so we can work on the other issues
LUCENE-3969: check offsets even if posIncrAtt doesnt yet exist (and vice versa), and check that offsets are non-negative
Fix ShingleFilter reuse, some minor changes to testcase for speed and consistency
SOLR-3237: fix test, add more iterations when waiting for shardId
LUCENE-3969: add whitespace to analyzer description
SOLR-3254: maven configuration: tika dependency version -> 1.1
SOLR-3302: Upgraded SLF4j to version 1.6.4 (hossman)
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SOLR-3134 / SOLR-3335: fix copy/paste mistake in queryPartialResults ... we can't query arbitrary 'clients' because some of the jetty instances are shut down ... should be querying the upClients
SOLR-3202: now that we are not using JSP, no need for the static getFileContents hack
- Download both Lucene and Solr Maven artifacts in one session

- Handle shortened RC URLs by using wget to go through all redirections; the final redirection is used

- Fail if download directories already exist

SOLR-3238: Use jquery 1.7.2
LUCENE-3969: check that startOffset <= endOffset; comment out sops
LUCENE-3969: ValidatingTokenFilter shouldn't create new atts
set svn:executable for these two scripts
LUCENE-3969: remove nocommit
LUCENE-3969: validate after each analysis stage; tenatively add posLen to ShingleFilter
SOLR-3337: redirect old UI locations to new UI
LUCENE-3969: Simplify the crazy Reader wrapper
LUCENE-3969: don't get caught by tokenizers that consume in ctor and throw IAE or UOE ever again
LUCENE-3969: don't use scary attsource ctor yet, and always print the analyzer for now
LUCENE-3969: Remove unneeded wildcards
LUCENE-3969: Remove useless success variable
LUCENE-3969: Remove code duplication
LUCENE-3969: fix PatternTokenizer to not consume chars from the input Reader if it throws IAE
SOLR-3254: NOTICE.TXT entries for Javassist (MPL), OggVorbis, Scannotation
LUCENE-3969: add missing IAE to WikipediaTokenizer ctor
SOLR-3330: use SimpleOrderedMap