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LUCENE-2638 Make HighFreqTerms.TermStats class public.

LUCENE-2664: add SimpleText codec; fix -Dtests.seed to XX:YY format
added exclusion of unneeded smartcn AnalyzerProfile class to silence warnings
LUCENE-2670: allow AutomatonTermsEnum to work on full bytes range
LUCENE-2669: Fix NumericRangeQuery.NumericRangeTermsEnum sometimes seeks backwards. This also adds an assert to FilteredTermsEnum that seeking only goes forward.
turn off pivot window decorations - can't figure out how to kill native decorations yet
- improved support for adding optional contrib modules

- improved support for adding optional contrib modules

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LUCENE-2649 -- Adding a test to check for changing the parser.
tweak colors
print stack trace as well for now
LUCENE-2649, add svn:eol-style, some missing headers and expose the Parser and SortType
improve startup error reporting
update jnlp to see that it still works
LUCENE-2666: add assert
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LUCENE-2666: add assert
remove dead code
revert accidental commit
Initial import.
  1. /sandbox/luke/src/org/apache/lucene/luke/core
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SOLR-2133: check garbage after func(s), allow parsing comma delimited list of functions
apache lucene version of luke
sandbox spot for shared experimental dev that doesn't yet fit a branch
removed Suppress(unused) which caused the build to fail when running with IBM Java 5
LUCENE-2649: Objects in the FieldCache can optionally store valid Bits

Apologies for 'CTR' rather then 'RTC' -- we can always revert if I jumped the gun!

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SOLR-1682: remove unused counter
SOLR-1568: add bbox, implement sfilt to restrict to dist
LUCENE-1840: QueryUtils should check that equals() properly handles null
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SOLR-2125: add a fine grained distance test
LUCENE-1840: QueryUtils should check that equals() properly handles null
LUCENE-2493 -- rename artifacts to -SNAPSHOT