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JCR-4591: basic trailer field support (merged r1879178 into 2.20)
JCR-4590: jcr-server: DirListingExportHandler sets empty Etag (merged r1879159 into 2.20)
JCR-4589: upgrade to servlet-api 3.10 (merged r1879148 into 2.20)
JCR-4588: jackrabbit-webdav: add parsers for http dates and use them in conditional eval (merged r1879099 into 2.20)
JCR-4587: jackrabbit-webdav: must ignore broken if-unmodified-since in precondition check (merged r1878891 and r1879057 into 2.20)
JCR-4586: jackrabbit-webdav: must ignore if-modified-since with broken date (merged r1878886 and 1879031 into 2.20)
JCR-4585: jackrabbit-webdav: return Etag with 304 response (merged r1878885 into 2.20)
JCR-4167: signal support for GZIP content coding as per RFC 7694 (merged r1878847 into 2.20)
OAK-9137: Release Oak 1.32.0

Update release notes

JCR-4581: use GZIP encoding in XML responses when client signals support (merged r1878754 into 2.20)
JCR-4166: support GZIP content coding in requests - Javadoc fix (merged r1879333 into 2.20)
JCR-4166: support GZIP content coding in requests - fix field name (merged r1878840 into 2.20)
OAK-9132: Feature toggles

Commit proposal

JCR-4582: support 'deflate' encoding in requests (merged r1878707 into 2.20)
JCR-4583: remove XML serialization workaround for ancient Java versions (merged r1878725 and r1878752 into 2.20)
JCR-4166: support GZIP content coding in requests - code cleanup (merged r1878713 into 2.20)
JCR-4166: support GZIP content coding in requests (merged r1878706 into 2.20)
JCR-4169: make WebdavServerTests run automatically (merged r1878136, r1878137 and r1878154 into 2.20)
JCR-4601: jackrabbit-jcr-commons: update cglib dependency to 3.3.0 (merged r1879263 into 2.20)
fix svn:eol-style
JCR-4604: deprecate Iterators.Predicate (merged r1879329 into 2.20)
OAK-9137: Release Oak 1.32.0

Fix version number typo

OAK-9137: Release Oak 1.32.0

Prepare release notes

JCR-4603: spi-commons: Iterators - incorrect method signature (merged r1879325 into 2.20)
JCR-4605: standalone: fix deprecation warning wrt GnuParser (merged r1879404 into 2.20)
JCR-4592: Update maven-assembly-plugin to 3.3.0 (merged r1879228 into 2.20)
JCR-4593: update war-plugin dependency to 3.3.0 (merged r1879230 into 2.20)
JCR-4594: update pmd-plugin dependency to 3.13.0 (merged r1879231 into 2.20)
JCR-4595: update checkstyle-plugin dependency to 3.1.1 (merged r1879232 into 2.20)
JCR-4596: update build-helper-maven-plugin to version 3.2.0 (merged r1879234 into 2.20)