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@trivial: Site checkin for project Apache Jackrabbit Site-1.0-SNAPSHOT
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Apache Jackrabbit Oak 1.8.18
OAK-8798: Upgrade maven-bundle-plugin to 4.2.1
OAK-8810: oak-lucene: adjust Import-Package declaration for upgrade of maven-bundle-plugin to 4.2.1
OAK-8710 : AbstractLoginModule#logout() must not remove 'foreign' principals/credentials
minor improvements to auth-related tests
OAK-8808: Update maven-bundle-plugin to 4.1.0
OAK-8803 : AbstractLoginModule and subclasses: successful commit must not clear state information required for successful logout
OAK-8807: Update FileCache to use non-cache segment blocking method

- Building the cache without the CacheLoader and using the get method with a valueLoader

OAK-8802 : ExternalLoginModule.commit will fail if no principals can be resolved for externalUser
JCRVLT-345 enhance package type validator to optionally only allow

certain packages

OAK-8801 : LoginModuleImpl will not populate auth info if subject is readonly
OAK-8800: TokenLoginModule does not add principals from subject to AuthInfo
JCR-4502: ISO8601: add convenience methods that do not require passing a Calendar - also add support for java.time.Clock
OAK-8805: update org.apache.felix.scr.bnd dependency to 1.9.4
OAK-8804 : AuthInfoImpl: add constructor with iterable-principals instead of set
trivial: fix typo
JCRVLT-381 add new parameter to disable formatting during incremental


JCRVLT-365 switch to Jetbrains Null annotations

This closes #34

JCRVLT-389 support filtering

This closes #33

OAK-8799: oak-http: broken Export-Package statement
OAK-8796: Update maven-assembly-plugin to 3.2.0
OAK-8795: oak-commons: bump up logging for deprecated Guava based APIs to INFO
JCR-4508: Upgrade maven-scr-plugin to 1.26.2
JCR-4507: Update spotbugs-maven-plugin to
JCR-4506: Update maven-jar-plugin to 3.2.0
JCR-4505: Update maven-assembly-plugin to 3.2.0
JCR-4504: Update maven-bundle-plugin to 4.2.1
[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
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[maven-release-plugin] copy for tag jackrabbit-oak-1.8.18