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JCRVLT-360 add toString, equals and hashCode to all filter related


This closes #55

JCR-4460: allow to run remoted conformance tests with a custom servlet context path (merged r1863222 and r1863384 into 2.16)
JCR-4459: Basic Authentication for HTTPS URIs does not work (merged r1863196 into 2.16)
JCR-4457: Update httpclient/mime dependencies to 4.5.9 (merged r1862283 into 2.16)
JCR-4455 condition index-rule handling more broken after JCR-4339 (merged r1862783 and r1862805 into 2.16)
JCR-4454: update surefire-report-plugin dependency to 2.22.2 (merged r1861786 into 2.16)
JCR-4453: update pmd-plugin dependency to 3.12.0 (merged r1861781 into 2.16)
JCR-4452: update war-plugin dependency to 3.2.3 (merged r1861778 into 2.16)
JCR-4451: update jar-plugin dependency to 3.1.2 (merged r1861777 into 2.16)
JCR-4450: update checkstyle-plugin dependency to 3.1.0 (merged r1861773 into 2.16)
OAK-8585: Improve exception message on conflict
JCR-4447: jackrabbit-jcr-commons: update cglib dependency (merged r1860645 into 2.16)
JCR-4442: Update animal-sniffer dependency to 1.18 (merged r1860123 into 2.16)
JCR-4441: Update surefire/failsafe dependencies to 2.22.2 (merged r1860118 into 2.16)
JCR-4438: jcr-webdav: AbstractLocatorFactory - fix Javadoc and add trace logging (merged r1859563 into 2.16)
JCR-4437: Update Tika dependency to 1.21 (merged r1859534 into 2.16)
OAK-8580: Add distinct cloud data store loggers for stream activity

This change allows for specific monitoring of specific named loggers

that indicate where cloud data stores are streaming bytes to or

from cloud storage. Useful for instances that are trying to

identify where upload or download streaming through the repository

is taking place for those that are attempting to replace such

activity with direct binary access in clients.

@trivial: Site checkin for project Apache Jackrabbit Site-1.0-SNAPSHOT
formatting fixes
@trivial: Site checkin for project Apache Jackrabbit Site-1.0-SNAPSHOT
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Adding details for Jackrabbit Oak 1.8.16
OAK-8298: Add tracking of blob ids added via direct upload

OAK-8552: Add data store config to skip exists check on download URI generation

This change adds a new optional configuration parameter for AzureDataStore and S3DataStore. The new parameter, named "presignedHttpDownloadURIVerifyExists", has a default value of true which means the createHttpDownloadURI() method will ensure the requested blob exists in blob storage before creating the signed download URI. If this parameter is set to false, the exists check will be skipped, resulting in higher signed download URI generation performance but potentially returning a URI to a nonexistent blob in some cases (see OAK-7998).

OAK-8583: getNodeByIdentifier may fail with RuntimeException
OAK-8583: getNodeByIdentifier may fail with RuntimeException - add tests, one of which currently ignored
OAK-8408: UserImporter must not trigger creation of rep:pwd node unless included in xml (initial-pw-change) - cleanup imports in test class
OAK-8578: Introduce API to check whether blob inlined in Id

- Add a micro-benchmark for Binary#getUri

OAK-8578: Introduce API to check whether blob inlined in Id

OAK-8552: Minimize network calls required when creating a direct download URI

Add a new method #isInlined to Blob class to check if the external blob is id inlined

JCR-4472: jcr-rmi: switch to package-level version annotations
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OAK-8572: oak-upgrade's IndexAccessor lives in o.a.j.core