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JCR-4450: update checkstyle-plugin dependency to 3.1.0 (merged r1861773 into 2.18)
JCR-4447: jackrabbit-jcr-commons: update cglib dependency (merged r1860645 into 2.18)
JCR-4442: Update animal-sniffer dependency to 1.18 (merged r1860123 into 2.18)
JCR-4441: Update surefire/failsafe dependencies to 2.22.2 (merged r1860118 into 2.18)
JCR-4438: jcr-webdav: AbstractLocatorFactory - fix Javadoc and add trace logging (merged r1859563 into 2.18)
JCR-4437: Update Tika dependency to 1.21 (merged r1859534 into 2.18)
JCR-4459: Basic Authentication for HTTPS URIs does not work (merged r1863196 into 2.18)
JCRVLT-339 - Add FSPackageRegistry support for hollow packages (closes #50)
OAK-7998: Verify existence of binary before generating direct download URI

This change adds code and tests to ensure that when generating a direct

download URI we make sure the binary actually exists first. If caching

is being used it is possible that a client requests a direct download

URI for a blob that was already added the standard (i.e. non-direct)

way but is still in the cache and hasn't actually been uploaded to

cloud storage yet - and therefore cannot be downloaded by direct

download URI.

This change also adds some documentation changes to reflect this

possible situation.

OAK-8492 : PrincipalAccessControlList: misleading notnull annotation with effective path param
JCR-4460: allow to run remoted conformance tests with a custom servlet context path
JCR-4459: Basic Authentication for HTTPS URIs does not work
Apache Jackrabbit Oak 1.4.25 - failed release

Reverting: r1862814, r1862812

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Apache Jackrabbit Oak 1.4.25 - Failed

@trivial: Site checkin for project Apache Jackrabbit Site-1.0-SNAPSHOT
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Apache Jackrabbit Oak 1.8.15

Apache Jackrabbit Oak 1.8.15

OAK-8396: documentation steps missing to run sweep on RDBDocumentStore (merged r1861114 into 1.10)
OAK-7680: oak-commons: upgrade to project default mockito version (merged r1862448 into 1.10)
[maven-release-plugin] prepare for next development iteration
[maven-release-plugin] copy for tag filevault-package-maven-plugin-1.0.4
[maven-release-plugin] prepare release filevault-package-maven-plugin-1.0.4
Update release notes for 1.0.4
prepare for release 1.0.4
JCRVLT-324 correctly escape multiline values in the manifest (closes #25)
JCRVLT-320 upgrade to maven-archiver 3.4.0 (closes #26)
OAK-8485: RDB*Store: update mssql jdbc driver reference to 8.0.16
OAK-8483: RDB*Store: update mysql jdbc driver reference to 8.0.16
@trivial: Site checkin for project Apache Jackrabbit Site-1.0-SNAPSHOT
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