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OAK-936: Site checkin for project Oak Documentation-1.12-SNAPSHOT
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OAK-301: Document Oak
OAK-301: Document Oak
OAK-7065: Remove orphan file from local directory in case indexing fails

Test to assert that local directory created due to reindexing get

cleaned up if indexing cycle fails

OAK-8258: Active deletion can delete blobs despite indexing cycle deleting them failed
OAK-8256: PrincipalManagerImplTest uses Guava beta methods
OAK-8243 - Expose the number of SNFEs as metric
OAK-8255: update Apache parent pom to version 21
JCR-4428: update Apache parent pom to version 21
JCR-4422: Update httpclient/mime dependencies to 4.5.8 (ported to 2.16)
JCR-4416: Update slf4j dependency to 1.7.26 (ported to 2.16)
Cleanup dependencies (closes #24, relates to JCRVLT-330)
JCR-4415: Update Jetty dependency to 9.2.26.v20180806 (ported to 2.16)
JCR-4411: Update httpclient/mime dependencies to 4.5.7 (ported to 2.16)
JCR-4410: jackrabbit-webapp: cleanup left over Oak references (ported to 2.16)
JCR-4409: jackkrabbit-webapp: embed JCR 2.0 API (ported to 2.16)
JCR-4408: jackrabbit-webapp: test dependency for httpcore breaks war file - make the dependency explicit in jackrabbit-webdav (ported to 2.16)
JCR-4407: Update httpcore dependency to 4.4.11 (ported to 2.16)
JCR-4406: update maven-bundle-plugin dependency to 4.1.0 (ported to 2.16)
OAK-8197: Update to Jackrabbit 2.18.1 (ported to 1.10)
JCR-4405: update maven-jar-plugin dependency to 3.1.1 (ported to 2.16)
JCR-4404: update maven-assembly-plugin to 3.1.1 (ported to 2.16)
OAK-8197: Update to Jackrabbit 2.18.1
JCR-4403: update spotbugs dependency to 3.1.10 (ported to 2.16)
JCR-4400: Update tika dependency to 1.20 (ported to 2.16)
Jackrabbit 2.19.2 API docs
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Jackrabbit 2.18.1 API docs
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JCR-4427: set baseline comparisonVersion to latest stable (2.18.1)
@trivial: Site checkin for project Apache Jackrabbit Site-1.0-SNAPSHOT
Jackrabbit 2.18.1