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Changeset 1824126 is being indexed.

OAK-936: Site checkin for project Oak Documentation-1.10-SNAPSHOT
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OAK-936: Site checkin for project Oak Documentation-1.10-SNAPSHOT
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Improve the composite node store documentation a bit
JCR-4250: remove guava dependency (ported to 2.14)
OAK-6921: Support pluggable segment storage
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JCR-4248: Upgrade httpcore dependency to 4.4.9 (ported to 2.14)
JCR-4247: Update commons-io dependency (ported to 2.14)
JCR-4258 Remove SimpleJBossAccessManager in preparation of upcoming acl changes

JCR-4244: Upgrade tomcat dependency to 8.5.24
JCR-4239: Suppress Tika startup warnings (ported to 2.14)
JCR-4238: use StandardCharsets to avoid having to handle UnsupportedEncodingException (ported to 2.14)
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JCR-4237 - cleanup throws clauses of private methods (ported to 2.14)
JCR-4233: Update H2DB test dependency (ported to 2.14)
JCR-4231: Upgrade aws-java-sdk-s3 dependency to 1.11.241 (ported to 2.14)
JCR-4228: Update Oak dependency to latest 1.0 stable release (ported to 2.14)
JCR-4215: Use Tika version 1.17 (ported to 2.14)
Apache Jackrabbit Oak 1.4.20

Added release notes.

JCR-4078: unreliable test excluded (ported to 2.14)
JCR-4240: IndexingQueueTest relies on Tika behavior that is changed in Tika 1.17 (ported to 2.14)

Changed test to use an actual payload (and parse that), adding tika config to detect the custom type. (Thanks to tallison@apache.org for the proposed fix!)

JCR-4236: remove obsolete textFilterClasses config parameters (ported to 2.14)
@trivial: Site checkin for project Apache Jackrabbit Site-1.0-SNAPSHOT
JCR-4226: Upgrade tika-parsers dependency to 1.16 (ported to 2.14)
JCR-4225: Upgrade commons-chains dependency to 1.2 (ported to 2.14)
Apache Jackrabbit Oak 1.6.9

Apache Jackrabbit Oak 1.6.9

JCR-4224: Upgrade tomcat-servlet dependency to 7.0.82 (ported to 2.14)
JCR-4221: Upgrade Apache HttpComponents to 4.5.4 (ported to 2.14)
JCR-4205: Upgrade JTA dependency to javax.transaction-api 1.2 (ported to 2.14)
Fixup positioning of doc pages when reaching to an anchored link under h5 and h6