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OAK-8244: Build failure: ThreadLeakError

Enable DefaultAnalyzersConfigurationTest again and set ThreadLeakScope to NONE on EmbeddedSolrServerProviderTest

OAK-8244 - ignore DefaultAnalyzersConfigurationTest until root cause is found
OAK-8244 - Close Solr clients on test finish, setting TS to NONE on DACTest
OAK-8244 - Make sure to close SolrClient on #tearDown
OAK-8244 - Make randomizer log a warning on thread leak
OAK-8244 - DefaultAnalyzersConfigurationTest extends from BaseTokenStreamTestCase
OAK-8244 - closing Analyzers in tearDown
OAK-8635 - move LMSEstimator to oak-search, use LMSEstimator in ES
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OAK-260 Avoid the Turkish Locale Problem
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OAK-8235 - upgrade Solr to 6.6.6
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OAK-8072 - aggregate jcr:content search results as their parents
OAK-1819 - java8 fix
OAK-7651: oak-solr-core test failures with java 11

Tests disabled under Java 11 because they were already disabled for Java 8, 9 and 10 as well.

OAK-7511: get rid of JSR 305 dependency - use jetbrains nullability annotations instead - oak-solr-core
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OAK-7526 Move InitialContent#INITIAL_CONTENT to test

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OAK-7513 - minor fixes, adjusted some log statements
OAK-7513 - avoid NPE in exact size calculation, adjusted some log statements
OAK-7466 - reset weights in case of weights over/underflow
OAK-7407: oak-solr-core test failures with java 10

Tests disabled under Java 10 because they were already disabled for Java 8 and 9 as well.

OAK-7375 - fixed minor issue in JCR full text operators parsing
OAK-7375 - fixed JCR full text operators parsing, removed unused imports in test
OAK-7178 - RemoteSolrServerProvider releases connections on ping failures
OAK-7054 - using separatorChar and not pathSeparator in SolrOakRepositoryStub
OAK-7054 - fixed path init in SolrOakRepositoryStub, some minor warnings fixed
OAK-4318 - minor improvements for CloudSolrServer initialization, fixed schema
OAK-4138 - Upgrade oak-solr to Solr 5.x

Fix syntax error in solrconfig.xml

OAK-4318 - removing useless configs in test solrconfig.xml
OAK-7063: SolrOakRepositoryStub.preCreateRepository() throws exception without cause
OAK-4318 - TestUtils path resolution via URI
OAK-4318 - removed old update handlers