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OAK-8640: Allow to only copy last journal entry in the SegmentStoreMigrator
OAK-8611: Export the oak-segment-azure packages
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OAK-8610: Pass the full blob name to the IOMonitor for Azure
OAK-8604: Keep the last journal entry in metadata
OAK-8555 - Move Buffer from oak-segment-tar to oak-commons

Contribution by José Andrés Cordero Benítez.

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OAK-8566: Empty segment archives breaks the Azure Persistence
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OAK-8565: Using a lazy blob listing can cause Azure timeout
OAK-8531 - Reading Azure Journal File while it's modified fails
OAK-8528: The Azure Journal implementation doesn't split after exceeding JOURNAL_LINE_LIMIT
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OAK-8515: Make the Azure Persistence timeouts configurable
OAK-8482 - Remove false positives of SNFE on azure execution time out
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OAK-8412 - Set a retry strategy for AzurePersistence
OAK-8410 - Fix NPE in the RequestCompletedEvent listener
OAK-8406 - Let AzurePersistence set default request timeouts
OAK-8366 - Add monitoring for Azure Storage

Contribution by Ieran Draghiciu

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OAK-8356: Support append mode in the SegmentStoreMigrator
OAK-8357: Support the truncate operation for the GCJournalFile
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OAK-8318: Allow to close the SegmentStoreMigrator
OAK-7977 - Add multi-threaded segment transfer to oak-run segment-copy

Simplified segments migration

OAK-7977 - Add multi-threaded segment transfer to oak-run segment-copy
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OAK-7942 - Fix covariant return type changes in ByteBuffer
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OAK-7882 - Inconsistent handling of cloud-prefix causes segment-copy to fail
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OAK-7828 - Log off heap access for segments when creating FileStore
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OAK-7815 - Obscure error message if AZURE_SECRET_KEY env variable is not set for Azure persistence
OAK-7812 - Error running OffRC on Azure because of incorrect parsing
OAK-7770: Azure Segment Store: Store segments off heap when memory mapping is disabled
OAK-7735: Support the split persistence in the SegmentNodeStoreService.
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fix svn:eol-style
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OAK-7672 - Introduce oak-run segment-copy for moving around segments in different storages
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OAK-6922: Azure support for the segment-tar

- ignore empty connection string