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OAK-8597: lc command is unable to construct OakDirectory
OAK-8472: Typo in oak-run console refresh command help
OAK-8141: Replace String path with custom data type
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OAK-7832 - oak-run console export should handle exceptions such as missing segments
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OAK-7411 - make oak-lucene extend from oak-search
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OAK-7632: remove JSR 305 annotations in Groovy code
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OAK-7490: oak-run console lc rmdata command uses second parameter for index path (and defaults to /oak:index/lucene)
fix svn:eol-style
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OAK-6576: Refactor OakDirectory to be more manageable

Part2: Move OakDirectory and other stuff created in r1807310 to package

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OAK-6545 - Tooling to serialize NodeState as json along with blobs

Groovy command to export or dump nodestate as json

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OAK-6101 : Consistent naming of oak modules (rename package from to run.commons)
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OAK-6063 - Oak run console not loading
OAK-5961 - Handle scenario where jansi library cannot be loaded
OAK-3232 - Oak Console cannot deal with spaces in node names

Handle node name with space by escaping the space while suggesting. Similar to how it work in shell

OAK-5032 - Update Groovy version in oak-run to 2.4.7

-- Switched to gmaven-plus plugin as gmaven does not work with new Groovy version

-- Switched to 'indy' release to make use of invokedynamic support

-- Updated jline to latest release

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OAK-4296: Oak-run console's lucene command is broken
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OAK-4198: Add oak run command to export document and its dependencies

Also, updated mongo deserialization a bit to assume Long for Number coming in for _modCount and _modified

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OAK-3143 - lucene command for oak-run console doesn't work
fix svn:eol-style
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OAK-2378 - add a oak-run command to delete the index data in case of inconsistencies

Applying modified patch from Thierry Ygé. Thanks!

OAK-1993 - Add command to dump Lucene index in Oak Console

Fix the constructor to use the NodeBuilder

OAK-2201 - Make blobSize in OakDirectory configurable
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OAK-1993 - Add command to dump Lucene index in Oak Console

Refactor info command to determine index size first and then open index. This enables determining size of corrupted indexes also

Also fixed issue with RefreshCommand by renaming do_refresh to do_now as 'now' is the command option registered

OAK-1994 - Oak Console improvements

-- Limit the no of child dump to 50 by default. Use 'ls <no of child>' to change the limit

-- Fixed issue in cd command to cd to absolute path

OAK-1993 - Add command to dump Lucene index in Oak Console

Lucene command (lc [info <idx path>|dump <dest path> <idx path>]) to dump index and info

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OAK-1960 - Console in Oak Run does not close the NodeStore upon exit

Used the Fixture pattern where the Fixture would be closed via shutdown hook

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OAK-1805 - Debugging console

Install AnsiDetector on start

OAK-1805 - Debugging console

Adding Groovy shell based console implementation

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