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OAK-8578: Introduce API to check whether blob inlined in Id

- Add a micro-benchmark for Binary#getUri

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OAK-8185: Improve CompositeNodeStore fixture

- remove unused parameters

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OAK-8185: Improve CompositeNodeStore fixture
OAK-8143: Configurable persistent cache for Oak-Mongo fixture
OAK-7027 - Correctly test the read timeout expiration on cold standby
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OAK-7757: CompositeNodeStore fixture on MongoDB
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OAK-7654: Remove usage of deprecated MongoDB Java driver 2.x API
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OAK-7511: get rid of JSR 305 dependency - use jetbrains nullability annotations instead - oak-run-commons
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OAK-7636: Replace usage of deprecated DocumentNodeStoreBuilder.setLeaseCheck()
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OAK-7297: New fixture for the Azure Segment Store

- delete the Azure container once the benchmark is done

OAK-7297: New fixture for the Azure Segment Store
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OAK-7157 - Minimize the amount of generations retained by the standby

The cold standby only guarantees that the latest head state from the primary is

sync'd and made available to its users. As such, there is no need to retain the

last two generations. By maintaining only the latest generation, the standby

can remove old segments more aggressively and save space on disk.

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OAK-6606 - Move BulkTransferBenchmark to oak-benchmarks module

Refactored BulkTransferBenchmark to adhere to constraints imposed by ScalabilityBenchmark

Created ScalabilityStandbySuite which takes care of setting up cold standby server and client

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OAK-7080 - Segment-Tar-Cold fixture should have options for secure communication and one shot runs
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OAK-7023: Replacement for DocumentMK.Builder

Use parameterized DocumentNodeStoreBuilder

Removed type parameter from MongoDocumentNodeStoreBuilder and RDBDocumentNodeStoreBuilder

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OAK-7031 - Let the spool folder be a parameter of ResponseDecoder
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OAK-7032: Remove usage of DocumentMK
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OAK-7004 - The server command should not silently upgrade the FileStore
OAK-6874 - Segment-Tar-Cold fixture doesn't correctly set up standby blob store
OAK-6615 - Add new segment-tar fixture for attaching a cold-standby to benchmarked primary
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OAK-6803 - Provide a way to for persistent cache to determine which all nodes can be cached

Modify fixture to allow perf impact checks for this

OAK-6719: add ability to run benchmarks with continuous version GC enabled (RDB fixtures)
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OAK-6603: [oak-blob-cloud] Remove the older S3 connector relying on JR caching

- Removing unused code and removing references from tests/utils/services etc

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OAK-6252 - re-introduce ServerCommand

* adjustment on max jar size

* pushing the size to 46MB as of needed dependencies.

* re-introducing the ServerCommand and HttpServer from previous


* moving fixtures and dependencies from oak-benchmarks to

oak-run-commons for sharing with oak-run

* re-added jcr-server and jetty-servlet dependencies

* re-added oak-http and oak-remote dependencies

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