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OAK-301: Document Oak

Update wiki links to point to the archived pages

Link to the JCR 2.0 specification hosted at

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OAK-7705: Document the requirement to reset repository id for cloned systems


OAK-301 - Document Oak

Add MongoDocumentStore specific documentation

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OAK-4933: Create a data store implementation that integrates with Microsoft Azure Blob Storage

- New module oak-blob-cloud-azure with DataStore implementation for Azure BlobStorage

- Integration tests

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OAK-5235: Document the new caching datastore

Small note about increasing the staging upload cache size

OAK-5235: Document the new caching datastore

Documentation on caching stats

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OAK-5235: Document the new caching datastore

Basic explanation for the local fs caching

OAK-4452: Consistently use the term segment-tar

Replace TarMK, SegmentMK with SegmentNodeStore where possible.

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OAK-301: Document Blob id tracker functionality
OAK-301: Document Oak

* Refine section on shared DataStore GC

* Add section for unregistration from shared datastore

OAK-301: Added oak-run datastorecheck for blob store consistency check
OAK-301: Minor formatting change for blobstore
OAK-301: Document Oak

Documentation for blob GC #checkConsistency and #getGlobalGCStatus

OAK-301: Document Oak

- Updated Blob Garbage Collection documentation

- Details of GC in a shared DataStore

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OAK-1266 - BlobStore documentation did not mention RDBBlobStore implementation
OAK-2136 - remove obsolete mention of RDBBlobStore
OAK-301 : oak docu
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OAK-301 : oak docu
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