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OAK-5547: Document TarMK design

Mark as historic and incorporate its content where applicable into the rest of the documentation.

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OAK-5547: Document TarMK design

Add page with a high level design overview and class diagram of the TarMK

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OAK-4833 - Document changes in the data format

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OAK-5274 - Document CLI tools for oak-segment-tar

OAK-4292: Document Oak segment-tar

Wording, typo

OAK-5167 - Describe the role of offline garbage collection

OAK-5167 - Describe how to monitor garbage collection via JMX

OAK-5167 - Link the "Monitoring the log" section to the TOC

OAK-5167 - Describe the behaviour of online garbage collection

OAK-5167 - Document garbage collection

Add a general description of garbage collection. Describe the generational

garbage collection algorithm. Enumerate the three phases of garbage collection.

OAK-4292 - Mention the deprecation of the old Segment Store implementation

fix svn:eol-style
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OAK-3120: Contribute blog posts about FileStore to official documentation

Patch by Francesco Mari

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