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OAK-8693 : respect PARAM_READ_PATHS configuration option - update documentation
adjust versions after cutting release for 1.18.0
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OAK-8524: Add CDN support for AzureDataStore.

This includes the addition of two new configuration options to

support CDNs, and documentation in oak-doc coverig it.

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OAK-8599: Fix direct binary upload init to return null if disabled

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OAK-8590: Fix broken hrefs in direct binary access docs

OAK-8587 - added documentation for fv similarity search
OAK-8552: Add data store config to skip exists check on download URI generation

This change adds a new optional configuration parameter for AzureDataStore and S3DataStore. The new parameter, named "presignedHttpDownloadURIVerifyExists", has a default value of true which means the createHttpDownloadURI() method will ensure the requested blob exists in blob storage before creating the signed download URI. If this parameter is set to false, the exists check will be skipped, resulting in higher signed download URI generation performance but potentially returning a URI to a nonexistent blob in some cases (see OAK-7998).

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OAK-7817: oak-doc-railroad-macro should be built in default reactor built

Fix format

OAK-8564: Add metric for MongoDB total and used disk space

Update documentation

OAK-8495: align versions
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OAK-8150: RDB*Store: add Oracle specific documentation
OAK-7998: Verify existence of binary before generating direct download URI

This change adds code and tests to ensure that when generating a direct

download URI we make sure the binary actually exists first. If caching

is being used it is possible that a client requests a direct download

URI for a blob that was already added the standard (i.e. non-direct)

way but is still in the cache and hasn't actually been uploaded to

cloud storage yet - and therefore cannot be downloaded by direct

download URI.

This change also adds some documentation changes to reflect this

possible situation.

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OAK-8468: document RDB specific log messages
OAK-8467: broken version numbers for oak-doc and oak-doc-railroad-macro
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OAK-301: Document Oak
OAK-7739 Use an index only if a certain node or property exists (docs)
OAK-8445: RDB documentation: minor fixes to documentation of "revisions" command
fix svn:eol-style
OAK-8439 : Broken links to JSR Specification/Javadoc
OAK-8408: UserImporter must not trigger creation of rep:pwd node unless included in xml (initial-pw-change)
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OAK-8226 : Documentation for principal-based authorization and aggregationfilter
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remove spurious sub title
minor improvement: typo in security documentation
OAK-8271: Lucene path transformed result doesn't accomodate wildcards in relative path

Add a bit of grammar doc

OAK-8401 : Expand security topic in side bar
OAK-8396: documentation steps missing to run sweep on RDBDocumentStore
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OAK-301: Document Oak

Clarify content model

OAK-8358 - oak-run check should have an option for specifying memory mapping
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OAK-8340: Document use of oak-run for RDB - fix typo
OAK-8340: Document use of oak-run for RDB