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Changeset 1477009 is being indexed.

OAK-798: Review / refactor TreeImpl and related classes

OAK-709: Consider moving permission evaluation to the node state level

- Rename @NonNull variants of Root.getTree, Tree.getParent and Tree.getChild and deprecate @CheckForNull variants

- Deprecate TreeLocation

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simplify security related tests
  1. … 16 more files in changeset.
add missing svn:eol-style settings
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OAK-696 : Support usage of JAAS based authentication with Repository in OSGi (patch provided by antonio sanso including moving back login modules from spi to the implementation).
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OAK-91 : Implement Authentication Support (wip)

- move loginmodules and configurationutil to corresponding spi-packages in order to ease package export definitions.

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OAK-51 : Access Control Management (WIP)

in addition:

- move AbstractSecurityTest to oak/security to oak package

- simplify security tests by moving common code to the AbstractSecurityTest

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security tests: rename admin field to adminSession
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OAK-91 - Implement Authentication Support (WIP)
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