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OAK-6741 - Switch to official OSGi component and metatype annotations

- switch oak-core and oak-store-document to official OSGi annotations

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OAK-6511 - Switch to official OSGi versioning annotations

Changes the annotations from aQute.bnd.annotation to

org.osgi.annotation.versioning. As the baselining checks have complained,

some packages received a micro version bump. This should be harmless however,

import ranges are at most minor, and usually major.

In some modules the bndlib dependency was outright removed, as it was not

used at all.

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OAK-6450 - Stop relying on the property in


Use the component property if the

is not available. The SecurityProviderRegistration property name is

unchanged, for backwards compatibility reasons.

The objectClass property may not be used as it points to the service

name(s) under which the component is registered. The

property was considered and discarded as it is specific to DS.

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OAK-6093 : Find a new home for NodeUtil and TreeUtil including cleanup

- move TreeUtil to plugins/tree

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OAK-6212 : AccessControlAction: minor improvement when user or group privileges are empty

OAK-6038 : Drop dependency of* tests from AbstractSecurityTest (wip)

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OAK-5926 : Readability of membership code
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minor improvement: remove unused import
OAK-4439 - Fix the errors reported by the Javadoc tool in JDK8

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OAK-4365 : Redundant Action Class Lookup in DefaultAuthorizableActionProvider

- minor improvment: simplify setup of AuthorizationAction-tests without custom sec-provider

- minor improvement: simplify ConfigurationParameters.of(Map) if map represents an instanceof ConfigurationParameters

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OAK-4003 - Add support for Group-Membership actions
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OAK-3946 - Document oak-authorization-cug (WIP)

minor improvement: security documentation, javadoc, since tags with node type definitions

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some javadoc error fixes
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OAK-3759 : UserManager.onCreate is not omitted for system users in case of XML import
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fix minor issues with slf4j logging parameters
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OAK-3078 : AccessControlAction: Omit setup for administrative principals
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OAK-2983 : Permissions lack WRITE (-> fix errors wrt bundle versions)



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OAK-2006: Verify the maven baseline output and fix the warnings

OAK-1956: Set correct OSGi package export version

Help semantic versioning by failing the build when package export versions don't match. Update package export versions as necessary.

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OAK-2674 : Fix FindBug Issues (add missing annotations)
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OAK-1956: Set correct OSGi package export version

OAK-2006: Verify the maven baseline output and fix the warnings


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OAK-1956: Set correct OSGi package export version

OAK-2006: Verify the maven baseline output and fix the warnings

Set all package export versions to 2.0.0

Enforce correct updating of the package export version by making the baseline check fail the build if it encounters errors

Set compareVersion to 1.0.0 but exclude modules that weren't in 1.0.0

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minor improvement : @SuppressWarnings
OAK-1889 : Incomplete component declaration with default action provider
OAK-1741: Ensure that package export version are proper for 1.0 release

Set all export versions to 1.0

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OAK-1474 ConfigurationBase must not use 'componentAbstract'

- now with correct activate signatures :-)

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fix svn:eol-style
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OAK-1362 Add files instead of using the project version for the package exports

- adding files with an exported version of 0.16

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fix eol-style
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OAK-1082 Avoid empty instances of ConfigurationParameters
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OAK-521 : Configurable AuthorizableAction(s)

- simplify actions

- add composite action provider

- make default impl a service

- fix configuration of access control action

- remove implementation specific action api from generic user configuration and make it a parameter of the user configuration parameters

OAK-522 : Pluggable User Management (wip)

- make configuration impl a service

OAK-754 : Pluggable Security Setup (wip)

- rename ConfigurationParameters#getNullableConfigValue and allow to specify a target class and fix usages

- ConfigurationParameters: improve convertion

- ConfigurationParameters: add more utility methods to create config params

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OAK-50: user mgt

- mark PasswordChangeAction as feature new to OAK