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OAK-1956: Set correct OSGi package export version

OAK-2006: Verify the maven baseline output and fix the warnings

Set all package export versions to 2.0.0

Enforce correct updating of the package export version by making the baseline check fail the build if it encounters errors

Set compareVersion to 1.0.0 but exclude modules that weren't in 1.0.0

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OAK-1685 BlobStore: improve code readability
OAK-1685 BlobStore: improve code readability
OAK-1741: Ensure that package export version are proper for 1.0 release

Set all export versions to 1.0

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javadoc / trailing WSP
OAK-1604 - Support for signed references in Blob (WIP)

Fix the condition to check for referenceKey being non null

OAK-1604 - Support for signed references in Blob (WIP)

Initialize referenceKey upon first use

OAK-1604 - Support for signed references in Blob (WIP)

-- Adding support for reference in AbstractBlobStore

-- DataStoreBlobStore would not return reference for in lined blobs

-- Adding fixture for FileBlobStore

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OAK-1604 - Support for signed references in Blob

- Update BlobStore interface with reference mgmt related methods

- getReference(blobId)

- getBlobId(reference)

- DataStoreBlobStore delegate the calls to DataStore specific impl

- Default impl return null

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@trivial fix javadoc generation warnings
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OAK-1510 MongoDB / DocumentNodeStore DataStore GC performance (patch 2)
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OAK-805 - Support for existing Jackrabbit 2.x DataStores

Refactored the implementation

-- Added a new method in BlobStore to obtain inputstream for given blobId.

By default it is implemented using BlobStoreInputStream

-- DataStoreBlobStore uses the InputStream obtained from DataStore

-- Added support for inlinig binaries is there size is small

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OAK-1502 - Make DataStores available to NodeStores

-- Removed earlier way of configuring BlobStore/DataStore via system property/config with OSGi config

-- Introduced specific OSGi components for various types of DataStore and BlobStore such that they can be configured via OSGi

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OAK-1509 AbstractBlobStore: use a concurrent cache
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OAK-377 Data store garbage collection
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OAK-1434 : Cleanup dependencies of oak-core (WIP)

- moving folder structure from src/main/java/org.apache.jackrabbit.oak.spi.blob/ to proper src/main/java/org/apache/jackrabbit/oak/spi/blob/

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