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fix svn:eol-style
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OAK-8280: Add support to request ignoring domain override for signed URIs.

This change introduces BlobUploadOptions so options can be requested for

both upload and download URIs, and adds the option for both URI requests

to ignore the domain override if one is set.

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OAK-8104: Update to Azure SDK v8.6.0 to fix signed URI C-D headers.

The purpose of this commit is to fix Content-Disposition header support for signed download URIs. The filename* portion of the header specification was disabled in OAK-8013 due to a bug in the Azure SDK pre-8.5.0. This commit adds filename* portion support back into Oak, which addresses the following issues:

- OAK-8104 - Fix the Content-Disposition header correctly (required upgrading the Azure SDK version to 8.6.0)

- OAK-8607 - Undo the workarounds implemented in OAK-8013.

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OAK-8013: Disable filename* part of Content-Disposition specification for direct binary access.

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OAK-7818: Includes chained exception in AzureBlobStoreBackend#completeHttpUpload exception handling.

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OAK-7692: [DirectBinaryAccess] Upload token HMAC signature must be base64 encoded

Patch from Alexander Klimetschek

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OAK-7569: Direct Binary Access

Blob APIs and S3/Azure implementation for direct binary upload/download. Modified patch from Matt Ryan

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