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Changeset 1866816 is being indexed.

OAK-8524: Add CDN support for AzureDataStore.

This includes the addition of two new configuration options to

support CDNs, and documentation in oak-doc coverig it.

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OAK-8552: Add data store config to skip exists check on download URI generation

This change adds a new optional configuration parameter for AzureDataStore and S3DataStore. The new parameter, named "presignedHttpDownloadURIVerifyExists", has a default value of true which means the createHttpDownloadURI() method will ensure the requested blob exists in blob storage before creating the signed download URI. If this parameter is set to false, the exists check will be skipped, resulting in higher signed download URI generation performance but potentially returning a URI to a nonexistent blob in some cases (see OAK-7998).

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OAK-7738: Add method to check for existence of metadata in SharedDataStore

- Added a new method to the ShareDataStore and implementations

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OAK-7674: Allow to specify the connection string for AzureBlobStore
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OAK-7569: Direct Binary Access

Blob APIs and S3/Azure implementation for direct binary upload/download. Modified patch from Matt Ryan

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OAK-6802: Manage 'secret' property internally in S3/AzureDataStore

Azure implementation to manage the secret property internally and remove the need to be configured

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fix svn:eol-style
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OAK-6388 Enable Azure shared access signature for blob store connector
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OAK-4933: Create a data store implementation that integrates with Microsoft Azure Blob Storage

- New module oak-blob-cloud-azure with DataStore implementation for Azure BlobStorage

- Integration tests

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