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Changeset 1840652 is being indexed.

OAK-7738: Add method to check for existence of metadata in SharedDataStore

- Added a new method to the ShareDataStore and implementations

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OAK-7674: Allow to specify the connection string for AzureBlobStore
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OAK-7569: Direct Binary Access

Blob APIs and S3/Azure implementation for direct binary upload/download. Modified patch from Matt Ryan

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OAK-6802: Manage 'secret' property internally in S3/AzureDataStore

Azure implementation to manage the secret property internally and remove the need to be configured

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fix svn:eol-style
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OAK-6388 Enable Azure shared access signature for blob store connector
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OAK-4933: Create a data store implementation that integrates with Microsoft Azure Blob Storage

- New module oak-blob-cloud-azure with DataStore implementation for Azure BlobStorage

- Integration tests

  1. ./jackrabbit/oak/blob/cloud/azure/blobstorage
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