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OAK-8280: Add support to request ignoring domain override for signed URIs.

This change introduces BlobUploadOptions so options can be requested for

both upload and download URIs, and adds the option for both URI requests

to ignore the domain override if one is set.

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OAK-8104: Update to Azure SDK v8.6.0 to fix signed URI C-D headers.

The purpose of this commit is to fix Content-Disposition header support for signed download URIs. The filename* portion of the header specification was disabled in OAK-8013 due to a bug in the Azure SDK pre-8.5.0. This commit adds filename* portion support back into Oak, which addresses the following issues:

- OAK-8104 - Fix the Content-Disposition header correctly (required upgrading the Azure SDK version to 8.6.0)

- OAK-8607 - Undo the workarounds implemented in OAK-8013.

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OAK-8670: Print correct exception in log message in completeHttpUpload

OAK-8631: Change null check to Strings.isNullOrEmpty() in AzureDataStore

fix svn:eol-style
OAK-8524: Add CDN support for AzureDataStore.

This includes the addition of two new configuration options to

support CDNs, and documentation in oak-doc coverig it.

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OAK-8599: Fix direct binary upload init to return null if disabled

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OAK-8600: Change log level to DEBUG in getRecord() when blob does not exist

With recent optimizations to getRecord() in the cloud data stores, it is

not an unexpected thing for the corresponding blob to not exist. We

want to avoid filling logs with INFO level log messages and stack

traces for missing records if the calling code has a reasonable

expectation that the record may not exist. A DataStoreException will

still be thrown that must be caught by the caller, in case this

situation is not expected. Just the log level is changed.

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OAK-8580: Add distinct cloud data store loggers for stream activity

This change allows for specific monitoring of specific named loggers

that indicate where cloud data stores are streaming bytes to or

from cloud storage. Useful for instances that are trying to

identify where upload or download streaming through the repository

is taking place for those that are attempting to replace such

activity with direct binary access in clients.

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OAK-8552: Add data store config to skip exists check on download URI generation

This change adds a new optional configuration parameter for AzureDataStore and S3DataStore. The new parameter, named "presignedHttpDownloadURIVerifyExists", has a default value of true which means the createHttpDownloadURI() method will ensure the requested blob exists in blob storage before creating the signed download URI. If this parameter is set to false, the exists check will be skipped, resulting in higher signed download URI generation performance but potentially returning a URI to a nonexistent blob in some cases (see OAK-7998).

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OAK-8574: Reduce cloud service API calls in completeHttpUpload()

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OAK-8575: Remove unneeded existence check in cloud data store getRecord() calls

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OAK-8520: Return existing DataRecord when completeUpload called for existing binary

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OAK-7998: Verify existence of binary before generating direct download URI

This change adds code and tests to ensure that when generating a direct

download URI we make sure the binary actually exists first. If caching

is being used it is possible that a client requests a direct download

URI for a blob that was already added the standard (i.e. non-direct)

way but is still in the cache and hasn't actually been uploaded to

cloud storage yet - and therefore cannot be downloaded by direct

download URI.

This change also adds some documentation changes to reflect this

possible situation.

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OAK-8438: Allow not to create blob container in AzureDataStore

- read the new value properly

OAK-8438: Allow not to create blob container in AzureDataStore
OAK-7818: Includes chained exception in AzureBlobStoreBackend#completeHttpUpload exception handling.

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OAK-7738: Add method to check for existence of metadata in SharedDataStore

- Added a new method to the ShareDataStore and implementations

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OAK-7674: Allow to specify the connection string for AzureBlobStore
OAK-7569: Direct Binary Access

Blob APIs and S3/Azure implementation for direct binary upload/download. Modified patch from Matt Ryan

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OAK-6802: Manage 'secret' property internally in S3/AzureDataStore

- Azure - Closing stream and rereading the stored value such that the only key associated with the actual stored value used

OAK-6802: Manage 'secret' property internally in S3/AzureDataStore

Azure implementation to manage the secret property internally and remove the need to be configured

fix svn:eol-style
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OAK-6388 Enable Azure shared access signature for blob store connector
OAK-6047: incorrect metatype annotations

Remove metatype=true

OAK-4933: Create a data store implementation that integrates with Microsoft Azure Blob Storage

- New module oak-blob-cloud-azure with DataStore implementation for Azure BlobStorage

- Integration tests

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