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OAK-8777: benchmark ISO8601 formatters
OAK-8730 : Add option for repeated read to ReadDeepTreeTest
OAK-8660 : Dedicated benchmark for eagerCacheSize option (remove left over output)
OAK-8685: Deprecate Guava based APIs in WhiteboardUtils
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OAK-8491 : Review default size of eagerCache parameter
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OAK-8578: Introduce API to check whether blob inlined in Id

- Add a micro-benchmark for Binary#getUri

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OAK-8546 : Nullable/Notnull Annotations for User Management API -> adjust implementations accordingly
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OAK-8227 : Performance benchmarks (respecting aggregationfilter option)
OAK-8227 : Performance benchmarks (wip)
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OAK-8185: Improve CompositeNodeStore fixture

- remove unused parameters

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OAK-8247 Add non-admin mode for Node.isNodeType() benchmark

OAK-8241: Add benchmark for transient Node.setProperty()
OAK-8235 - upgrade Solr to 6.6.6
OAK-8141: Replace String path with custom data type
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OAK-8205: Add benchmark for Node.isNodeType()
OAK-8053 Add intermediate report to ExternalLoginTest

OAK-8102 LoginModule error metrics

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OAK-8053 Add intermediate report to ExternalLoginTest

OAK-7928 : Avoid reference resolution for user query with scope and declaredMembersOnly
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OAK-7860 Make PermissionEntryCache more resilient against OOME

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OAK-7288 Change default JAAS ranking of ExternalLoginModuleFactory

- based on a patch provided by Lars Krapf

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OAK-7411 - make oak-lucene extend from oak-search
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OAK-7757: CompositeNodeStore fixture on MongoDB
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OAK-7511: get rid of JSR 305 dependency - use jetbrains nullability annotations instead - oak-benchmarks
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OAK-7462 Benchmark for SynchronizationMBean#syncAllUsers

- fixed assertions for the dynamic membership case

OAK-7462 Benchmark for SynchronizationMBean#syncAllUsers

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OAK-7297: New fixture for the Azure Segment Store
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OAK-7340 Remove SecurityProviderImpl usage from tests

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OAK-7253 : Benchmarks: cleanup duplications in AC setup
OAK-7238 : Benchmark : random read for different sets of principals